Thursday, April 4, 2013

Birthday Hot Dog Roast and Easter Fun

First, the traditional Easter Eggs! They had a blast coloring their eggs at Grandma and Papa's house.
The Birthday Girl and Her Third-Born Child, Bucky!
Then, the Birthday Hot Dog Roast! For my mom's birthday, which was on Good Friday this year, she wanted to have a hot dog roast in the forest. And so we loaded up on Saturday and had the time of our lives hanging out for the entire day in the most perfect spring weather we could have ever asked for up in the forest. The kids climbed a "mountain," Britt all the way to the top and Brailey halfway before she got kind of scared and came back down. But she found a supply of petrified wood, which she brought home and is sure she can sell for a pretty penny. And Brady met Britt on his way back down the hill and went all the back to the top with him, so Britt was tired, but loved every second of the climb! We tried to fly the gorgeous kites my mom bought for them, but there wasn't enough wind. We had more fun than I can even write about! It was a great day, and we all had a wonderful time being together and just being. It is a rare occasion for The 4 B's to simply relax, so we were especially grateful for the down time and special day. 
This is a great picture of my dad - look how happy he is to be in his beloved forest!
On our way home, Brailey wanted to stop at the Hines Park - she loves this gynormous slide! I can remember sliding down it as a kid, myself. And they both love the teeter-totters, as well, which are a novelty in a park today.
And the Easter Bunny found them, all the way in Harney County! I told you they had to hunt for their Easter Eggs in sagebrush (in the previous post)... They loved every second of it! After mass, they hid eggs for each other and had a big time. It was the first nice Easter weather-wise since Britt was a baby, nine years ago. It was the last time I saw my grandma before she passed away, and the weather was a perfect seventy degrees, just like this year, and she held Britt all day long and was as happy as we'd ever seen her. The beautiful weather on this Easter reminded me of that special day... By the way, can you spot the Easter Egg in the picture below? See if you can find it.

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  1. Happy Birthday and Happy Easter!!! =):):):)<3:):):):):)


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