Friday, April 5, 2013

Boom-Boom - Learning to be a Horse!

Remember Boomer? Look at that sweet horse... You may have been wondering where he was or how he was doing. Well, the answer to that is he's doing great! And he's been in Harney County for the past few months, learning how to be a "real" horse, instead of just a retired race horse who doesn't know anything except how to run. We sent him to Brady's friend, Todd Titus, who has done a remarkable job with Boomer and has him doing all manner of incredible things! Now, you can rope on Boomer, you can take him anywhere you want to go, even over a pile of boards set on top of railroad ties, and if you want to, you can gather cows on him or chase a bull across the field (Todd said he did manage to find a second gear in Boomer, and he thinks there may even be a third)! We sent him to Todd so he could learn all of this and more, and we couldn't be happier with how far he's come. We weren't sure what kind of a mind Boomer had, because sometimes race horses are so hot, they can't learn anything new after racing. Thankfully, Boomer is the exception, just like Brady's sister Suezy said he was. He is as gentle as a kitten! I got to ride him on Easter Sunday, and he felt like a million bucks! He's super smooth and wants to please. He is going to be coming home soon - in the meantime, he is learning more ranch skills. Brady and I are the first ones to say we are not trainers, we're just riders. Hopefully we'll be able to keep Boomer going, though, once we get him home. It was really fun to get to see him after all these months. Todd has accomplished so much on him! We are so grateful for all the work Todd has put into him and also for the fact that Boomer is worth the effort. What can we say? Suezy and I knew Boomer was and is a special boy!
Boomer and Todd
I love this horse... Look at that sweet boy!
Old friends from the valley - Todd and Brady used to rodeo together and they even worked at the same place for a while. It is has been fun for them to reconnect after all these years. 


  1. I want to express my deepest gratitude to my big brother Brady, Bobbi Jo and Todd. Not only does this mean so much to me, but to a lot of other people that had Boomer before Doug and I. They are wonderful Horsemen and just like us hoped that he would find his "nitch" one day. I am also a bit relieved because now he can be productive for our family and I wont have to make excuses or guilt anyone into why we have to keep him. LOL He was a gift from precious friends Pudgy, Manette and Tally to Doug and I. They do not see happy endings for racehorses most of the time, but make the effort to find good homes for the horses that they can. This success story for Boomer will help make success stories of other racehorses lives. There are foundations and groups recently established and more every day to help the horsemen from the track when a horse is finished with racing. The support given by horseman of other disciplines and private parties help make this a reality.
    You have become a very important part of this effort.
    Much love and respect, Your sister Suezy

  2. That is such a good pic of you and Boomer twin! Good job riding him!


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