Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Brailey's First Western States Stock Horse Show in Albany

Brailey and Tex have been working so hard, preparing for Western States horse shows, 4-H and Pee Wee Rodeos. Saturday was the first Western States show, and we all had a blast! The Western States Stock Horse Association is super fun and we highly recommend it. By the time we were driving home, Brady was ready to enter his Mag-Doll in the next show! Brailey and Tex did a great job, and although she didn't place, we learned a lot, and the two of them are such a cute, connected pair, they are sure to come up with some wins in their future. It is going to be a fun summer! 
First thing in the morning, he had to have a bath, complete with warm water. Brady was such a trooper! Even though he had a bad cold, he was out helping his little cowgirl.
This is Brailey saying, "I'M NERVOUS!" We took this picture shortly after arriving at the show. Her nerves didn't stay for long. She was born to be "on stage," just like her Grandma Diggy.
Brailey took this picture of Tex's white socks. Sadly, they soon turned from white to off-white.
Britt was such a supportive brother all day long, and entertained himself by reading.
 I like how their legs are in sync in this picture.
Brailey's Fan Club!
Still reading...
Brailey and one of her "trainers," Stacy Jo Hartley. Stacy and her husband Robert have been working with Brailey and Tex for just over a month, now, and we're thrilled with how far they have come! Brady and I have no reining experience at all, so it has been fun to watch and learn.
Waiting for her turn... Like I said, we got to the show WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too early! But we enjoyed it and learned so much.
The two little B's, sharing a stool. Notice Britt is still reading a book...
All done! The video is posted in the prior post. I love this picture so much I'm going to have it framed. She went a bit fast (must be that rodeo blood), but she was thrilled with herself! And now we have new goals to work toward and it is good to know she isn't afraid of a little speed. I told her it looked like a perfect Rodeo Queen run on the back side of her pattern. I think she's ready to take on the barrels!


  1. congrats brailey! that is co cool!!!

  2. Very pretty picture! Auntie Kimmy says Way to go Brailey and Tex!


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