Monday, April 15, 2013

Daffodil Girl

Brailey Shaye is like my Grandma Mary in so many ways... She is nurturing to other people, loves cats and dogs and horses, enjoys cooking (even though she only gets to when my mom is around), drums her fingers on the counter just like Grandma used to do, and the way she is almost painfully shy. And she loves to pick flowers! I can remember coming home from school on many occasions and there would be a beautiful bouquet of sweet peas on my dresser (I used to live with my grandparents during the week in high school - it was the only co-ed public boarding high school at the time, and then I would go home on the weekends. I was lucky my grandparents lived in town so I didn't have to live in the dorm like almost all of my friends!) Anyway, I know she gets her flower picking from my grandma, because both my mother and I like to leave them in the yard. Every spring, though, our house is filled with beautiful flower arrangements made by Brailey, and they are lovely and wonderful to look at, and I think of my sweet daughter and smile every time I see them, and more often than not, I think of my grandma, too. Her birthday would have been this week, on April 17th. Happy Birthday, Grandma! I know you are smiling from heaven every time you see Brailey picking flowers.


  1. Made me cry! what a sweet girl and a sweet memory of your Grandma...

  2. Yes, she is our "flower picker!" I got a beautiful bouquet of
    daffodils on my birthday that she got up early to pick before
    the LONG trip to Harney County. Love you, Shaye-Shaye!


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