Thursday, May 23, 2013

Brailey's 5th Grade Track Meet

A week ago today, Brailey participated in the 5th Grade Track Meet, which was held at Sheldon High School's Track, this year - a nice short walk for Buena Vista kiddos! Although it had been raining all morning (poor fourth graders had their track meet first), it cleared up in the afternoon and was the perfect temperature for running and jumping and throwing. Brailey had a big time and was thrilled when she won her heat of the 50 Yard Dash. She also ran the 100 Yard Dash, the 400 and then a 4 x 100 Relay for fun. In between that, she did the standing long jump. Tough work for those long legs of hers! She came home with lots of ribbons and a smile on her face for the rest of the day. Here are some pictures of her and her buddies, all having a fabulous time and loving every second of the track meet. 
Brailey and her teacher, Sra. Bradley. Brailey has loved being in her classroom this year and  Sra. Bradley shared with me that Brailey is ready for middle school. YIKES! She also told me she has enjoyed having Brailey very much and that she is a wonderful example to other kids, always saying  PLEASE and THANK YOU. Good job, Brailey Shaye!


  1. that is so neat brailey! i run track too. I run the mile and the 4x100 relay and the sprint medley relays. you can see some pics on my blog.

  2. I cannnnnnnnnnnnnnot believe she is off to MIDDLE SCHOOL?!!! what! no wonder you cried?! She grows more beautiful everyday. what a great ending to her 5th grade year with a track meet and talent show :)
    hugs, n


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