Friday, May 31, 2013

Britt's First Mini Swim Meet

Britt has been working so hard in his swimming practices! He has been playing a little "catch-up" for his age and swim group, but he's made great strides and still loves to swim. His first "Mini Meet" was on Wednesday, and he and I were both nervous. Neither one of us knew what was going to happen or how things were going to go. And I had to leave him on his own! I'm used to being right with my kiddos to help them with whatever need be, so it was a little tough on me, but so good for Britt. And he made it just fine! He was a super star! He wrote his events on his arm, just like his coach told him to. Once we got to the meet, we discovered we also need to have the "event number" and the "heat number" on there, as well. So we added that, and he was good to go!
 I was all the way up on the balcony, taking these pictures. (I really need to get a new camera - the lens on this one has had it!) He smiled for me - such a sweet boy!
 Here you can see a few nerves...
Ready to go! He made it to every single event on time and ready to roll. We are so proud of him it is hard to express! He won his first heat, which was the backstroke, and was second in his heat of the breaststroke. Freestyle didn't go as well, but he still did an amazing job, and he is thrilled with himself, and that is all that matters!

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