Monday, May 13, 2013

Fiesta 2013 - Last One Together

Another Fiesta is in the books. It was a history maker! It was held at the Hult Center for the first time, and it was a wonderful show full of fun and festive song and dance. I thought I would cry, since it is the last Fiesta my B's will be in together, but I held it together! Here are some fun pictures of some very happy and proud kids.
Brailey and Pearla, Sra. Bradley's (Brailey's teacher) daughter. She helped Kristin teach the fifth graders their Fiesta dance.
Britt and one of his best buddies, Nicholas.
Brailey and her Fiesta partner, Nicholas. They were partners in second grade, also.  I was thrilled they got put together again!
Last Fiesta for these two together... It has been a fun three years of them in the same show. Next year, Brailey will be sitting in the audience watching Britt, just like he did for her before he was in first grade. Bittersweet. And hard on a mama's heart.
Brailey entertained herself and Grace before the show. They had a big time playing Tea Party on the Hilton's patio! 
Britt's Fiesta partner and swim team buddy, Kiana. He gave her these flowers after the performance, and she was very touched! 

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  1. Omg...what a sweet pic of Britt and please tell him his Auntie Kimmy loves that he gave her flowers! All the pics are so cute! Brailey is a doll!!!!


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