Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mag-Doll and Boomer - From the Titus Ranch to Home-Sweet-Home

Maggie and Boomer have been getting some training for the past few weeks (months, for Boomer), and we were so excited to see what they learned and to pick them up this weekend, which we did! Todd Titus and Brady are old friends, and it has been really special for them to rekindle their friendship. They used to rodeo and work together, and then Todd moved to Harney County, where he has been training and shoeing horses ever since. We had a big time spending the day with him on his ranch just outside of Crane!
 Todd is giving Britt a mini-lesson (picture above) on how to use his legs with Maggie. 
Watching the action from the pickup. Papa didn't want to come with us, but we forced him and Grandma to come along! After all, who wouldn't want to spend a day with The 4 B's, right?
 The World Famous Todd Titus, horse trainer extraordinaire. 
 Brailey got a turn on Mag-Doll, as well, and had a great time loping her around the arena. Before long, she was practicing her "Queen Wave." Oh yah... She has designs on a future courtship!
 Big Daddy and Britt riding double on Maggie. I think my mom or Brailey must have taken this picture, because I didn't. I was in the barn riding the steed you see below, Boom-Boom!
 Same guy, different horse.
 And after a long ride home, here they are, enjoying belly-deep green grass! I wonder if Boomer has ever been in a pasture like this before? 
 And Mag-Doll is happy to be home! She is actually walking in the picture above - the grass is that tall!  Below, she and Boomer are across the fence from each other, but I thought it was a fun picture. They became fast friends in the trailer on the ride home. Can you tell who is who?


  1. He just looks so great! That pic of Todd just jogging along on him, every word every picture just means so much. Thank you. Maggie she looks like a pistol! That face of hers. I love all of you so much and look forward to seeing you soon! Love Suez

  2. He looks GREAT Suezy I'm so happy for him!!! LOVE you


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