Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Stopping to Smell the Roses

Isn't it funny how sometimes you hear something several times, and all of a sudden you know it is an important message from God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit? This happened to Brady and I over the weekend. Brady, bless his heart, noticed how special it is that Brailey always takes her time and enjoys herself, even though people are usually waiting on her. She smells the flowers, inspects every petal sometimes, and loves on her cats. I have yet to see her make a trip to the car or barn without first stopping to pet one of her cats. We all need to do more of this - especially Brady and I.

We really knew it was a message from above when we were in mass last Saturday evening, though, and our priest talked about it in his homily. He talked about how hard it is not to worry in this day and age, and how we are always on a mission to do and be and go and frantically moving from one thing to another, constantly worried, and how hard it is to slow down and give our worries to God and Jesus. This was especially powerful for me to hear, because back in my Lenten confession, the priest told me there would be no fear, nothing to worry about in heaven, and to try to remember that as I went about my daily life.

It is so easy to get caught up in schedules and time management, and time seems to slip away more quickly every day. And no matter how many times Brady and I tell ourselves to slow down, we still get caught up in the stress of every day life. Brady told our priest how much we appreciated him after mass, and I shared that his homily really struck our hearts and how Brailey is a wonderful example of what he was talking about in his homily, and he agreed that her special way of going through life is a blessing.

We told Brailey how special it is that she enjoys the things she loves so much. I don't think she really gets it, because she is at the stage of life where time is in endless supply. But we hope she always carries that magic with her, where ever she goes. And we are going to try even harder to follow her example, and stop and, literally, smell the roses.
Brailey as a toddler, already enjoying pretty flowers.


  1. Very nice-------you're right. She is a perfect example of "smelling
    the roses" and enjoying the basic things of life! What an example to us ALL! Mom

  2. I needed to read this too - a lesson I could hear every day. My Jason is a rose sniffer and picker... and reminds me of this too. I have been clenching my jaw a lot and overbooking and overdoing and I need to just BE.
    ughhh - thank you for sharing and what a beautiful picture :) coley


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