Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Aunt Suezy Comes to Town!

We were so thrilled to see one of our favorite people last weekend, Brady's baby sister, Aunt Suezy! And we were even more thrilled when she spent the night with us. Boomer was happy, too! He remembered her and came loping right down the hill to see his mama - he loves his Suezy! I should have taken his fly mask off for the sake of my pictures, huh? 
Maggie has ruined two fly masks so far this summer - absolutely ripped them to shreds, so I didn't have to worry about hers being on in these pictures. Ha! Mag-Doll must know Suezy is Brady's sister, because she loved Suezy just like she loves Brady! She couldn't get enough attention from Suezy - Brailey and I couldn't believe it, because Maggie isn't usually that friendly. But horses know horse people, right? And our horses love Suezy!
 She met Brailey's pride and joy, Jack. 
And then she surprised Britt and took him down, literally, into a wrestling hold. Britt didn't know what to think! But he loved every single second of it. He said he thinks he is just like his Aunt Suezy, and she was very happy to hear this and also loved the fact that her nephew is such a snuggler. They watched Lara Croft and enjoyed every second of it.
Sadly, our visit ended too soon, but she is coming back in August, and we can't wait to see her again! Suezy is such a fun person to be around - positive, happy and full of love. We adore her!

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