Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Eleven Birthdays

Here she is... Out of the first decade of her life and into the second. In the blink of an eye! I swear she was just a baby yesterday, and I was holding her on my lap, crying nonstop tears of joy over her sheer existence. And now she is more amazing than I could have ever dreamed! I have tried to appreciate every single day of my B's lives, but I still find myself wondering how the time could have passed so quickly and feeling nostalgic over memories of them as babies and toddlers. But she had a great birthday, and we celebrated the occasion  in many ways. Mainly, we let her have her best friend over for their first "sleepover." I don't think they could have had more fun - all I heard were giggles and laughter and talking. Below you see Britt working on a birthday message for her. He got up after I tucked them in the night before her birthday to write this out on our little chalkboard for a "surprise." He used an app from his Kindle. He was as excited for his sister's birthday as she was! They both woke up a half hour early, all on their own. And she loved his message board!
Zhee birthday decor... 
It was a Monster High birthday, for sure! She is out of Barbies, but loves, (and I mean LOVES!) Monster High. She got a lot of it and was thrilled, and Britt was happy for her to have it. He picked out the most perfect Monster High toy and doll for her and could not wait to see her open them!
 This year, her birthday was on the last "real" day of school. We were so happy!
Reading her bestie's card - it was a major hit! 
Playing Headbandz (thank you Aunt Nicoley for this awesome game!). First, a "thoughtful" pose, and then acting their card out. Brailey's was pizza and Carrie's was a hamburger.
 A fun owl craft they did. They both love owls! It has been a theme for the two of them this year. They even have matching owl earrings!
And playing Monster High. Britt was so happy for his sister to have all this stuff! We still have to have her cake (she wants a "Costco cheesecake," again!) and blow out candles. Brady was out of town, so we decided to wait until he was home to do the cake. Thus, the celebration has been prolonged! We did have Dairy Queen treats right after school, though. Eleven birthdays, come and gone. In seven more years, she will be graduating from high school! The first seven years of her life zipped by, so I am sure the next seven will be just as speedy. And I'm still going to do my best to enjoy every second of every minute of every hour of every day... We are so lucky to have Brailey Shaye in our lives - she is pure joy, from head to toe!

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  1. Happy birthday brailey!! Hope you had a great time!! It looks like so much fun!!


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