Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mr. Montana in Action at the Coastal Clothing Fair

The little B's and I got to see Brady in action at Coastal's Clothing Fair last week. He was amazing! We helped him decorate his table the day before, which Brailey Shaye was thrilled to do - she loves to decorate! Unfortunately, his box of giveaways didn't get delivered to our house until the day of the show, but the silver lining (pun intended!) is that we got to see him shine (pun intended again!). We zipped up the freeway to deliver the goods to him, which the Coastal employees were very happy to receive, and I snapped a few pictures and a video, which you can see below. He is such a rock star! He is an amazing public speaker, and we were super proud of him. And the best thing of all? The lady in charge of the event said his table was the nicest one there, and he set the bar for all future Clothing Fairs! All her employees were really impressed with the table and Brady and Montana Silversmiths in general, so that was nice to hear and made Brady happy (which made him appreciate the pain of putting up with Brailey and I decorating his table the day before - ha!). I have always known what a star Brady is, but to see him up close and in person was still impressive, even if only for a few minutes. Way to go, Big Daddy!

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  1. I couldn't hear what he was saying - but he was engaged, animated, looked good!!! and so did the table!!! A natural!
    So cool you got a story in here about his work - it just shows how really proud you all are and how involved you are in helping eachother succeed.


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