Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - SUMMER!

Yes, it's the hap-happiest time of the year! If only summer could last all year long, we would be happy, happy, happy all the time (can you tell we are HUGE Duck Dynasty fans?). Last week was full of a variety of activities. Something new every day! Above, you see Britt with his ribbons from the Mini Swim Meet. We love ribbons! Below, Britt's swim team had a fun day at Chuck E. Cheese's, instead of practice. So both of the little B's had a big time. We forgot how much fun it is to go there - now we want to go again!
These two... It was hot for a couple of days, so they got up in the rafters of the barn (without their mother's knowledge, or she would have helped them!) and drug this old thing down. They still fit it in! Barely... Hey, what can we say? It worked! They had a great time, and they got cooled off in the process. Nothing like a kiddie pool full of water to create some fun in the sun.
 Can you see the heart?
(Hint - it is in the picture above.)
And to continue the swim team fun, they had a Last Day Fun Day, as they called it, which was held at Amazon. We brought the Lamberts along with us - we even picked them up in the Roughie to make the adventure more exciting. Unfortunately, they didn't get to swim for very long, because they had an award ceremony at the beginning of the time slot they were allowed. But it was wonderful to have the Lamberts there with us to celebrate Britt's award, which was the "Hard Worker Award!" He was so proud and excited to get this, and we are thrilled that his hard work was noticed. He has awesome coaches! And the little Lamberts and the little B's still managed to have a great time together, short though it was. We never feel like we have enough time with the Lamberts.
 BEST-best friends, cousins, brothers and sisters... These four kiddos are as close as they come! And damn good looking, too. Not to mention happy! They love being together. I love them...
Brailey Shaye and Big Daddy were able to go for a ride on Saturday evening. Maggie got her stitches/staples out on Friday, and her poor pumpkin nose is healing nicely! Our vet said she was a "model patient" getting them removed. The pink stuff on her face is medicine she has to have on for a couple of weeks, and then she should be good as new.
Summertime... It goes by so quickly, but we always have great ones! This summer has been different from any other, which makes me realize every summer is a new adventure. Some of my most favorite memories are from the summer. Ahhhhh, summertime. Truly the most wonderful time of the year!

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