Tuesday, September 10, 2013

And So It Begins...

"It" being a new school year and big changes. Today was their first day of Fourth Grade and Middle School, which means Sixth Grade. We weren't ready for it. Even with two extra weeks of summer, we still didn't want to "go back." I told them we shouldn't have such fun summers, then maybe we would be more excited for school to start. The truth is, we have loved every second of our time together over the past three months, and even if we had summer all year long, we still wouldn't be ready. The bigger truth is that they are ready. Once they get past the nerves of the first day, they are going to be just fine. We will get used to our new schedules, and all will be well, and before we know it, summer will be here again.
 The traditional home picture together.
 The traditional "sign" pictures the first day. This year, only Britt will be at Buena Vista. For the past three years, it was both of them. Does he look lonely, standing there? A little. But super cool and cute!
 Britt's new teacher, Sra. Torres. 
 She left them each a present! The bag matched his shirt.
 Pompei Purple toes. And the traditional sign picture at a new school. In two more years, they will both be standing here.
For the first time, I wasn't allowed to walk her to class, or in this case, her locker. This is as far as I got... She did tear up, here, which made me tear up, as well. But I know she is going to love Middle School. We just have to get through the pain of change.
 My Book Club met for coffee after dropping off our middle schoolers. All of us have sixth graders. And our sweet Elisabeth brought us this present! Isn't it fun? And sweet! She is the only veteran mom who has been through middle school before, so she knows what we need. It was the best "coffee chat" I've ever had - just what the doctor ordered to dry my tears.

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