Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Oregon State Fair - Last Day of Summer Livin'!

After a wild weekend of horse showing, we were all happy to be heading to the State Fair in Salem on Monday. Thank you Wayne and Evie White for asking Brady to judge your Bullrageous Show! We had a wonderful time! We started our experience there on the big Fair Lift, which runs over the entire Fairgrounds. The little B's didn't remember much from our trip on it a few years ago, so it was just like the first time for them. The weather couldn't have been more perfect for us - it wasn't hot, it wasn't cold and even better, it wasn't muggy!
Brailey and I took this picture of ourselves. We wore our flip flops, so we took them off while we were on the lift to make sure we didn't accidentally drop them. And over the summer? Brailey's feet grew! She now wears the same size as her mother... YIKES! Oh, and we have Pompei Purple on our toes (thanks Debbie!) and it is the perfect color to go with anything (see post about Decisions if you are wondering what I'm referring to).
Brady went on the big Ferris Wheel with Britt. Britt went on all the scary rides! Brailey is like me, and doesn't like them. We are both scared of heights! The Fair Lift is ride enough for the two of us.
They have always wanted to do the bumper cars, and they had a blast! Below, you may not recognize them... They wanted to get their faces painted, after we saw several cool paintings on faces, and so they picked out their designs and wah-lah! Awesome! They loved every second of this. And I was able to quell my germ phobia for the duration of the process, due to the sheer artistry of the painters and the happiness of my babies. Otherwise? Not so clean on the germ front... Oh well - they look stunning! And we all know looks are everything...!

They couldn't wait to show Brady their new faces - he loved them!
The handsome-est judge in the land!
Look! It's ERIC CHURCH! The radio station had this on their pickup - well worth a picture, yah? The 4 B's are the biggest Eric Church fans in the world! 
This is a 1000 pound pig from Florida. He's HUGE! And very stinky.
And we ended our day with a picture next to Smokey Bear. It was a truly fantastic day and a great way to end our summer of fun. And now we have to gear up for school. Do we really have to go back? REALLY? Yes, we do. By this time next week, we will be mentally prepared. In the meantime, please say a prayer for us. We don't want this summer to ever end!

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