Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Western States Stock Horse Show - Friday Clinic

The last weekend of the year was a busy one for The 4 B's. I mean! Actually, the past week was filled to the brim with activity and anxiety (more on the anxiety later). We worked hard all summer long to show at the last Western States Stock Horse Show of the year. On Friday afternoon, there was a "Show Preparation Clinic," which the little B's participated in. Above, you see them on the right in their first part of the clinic, the Western Pleasure course. This was a great run through to help get the nerves out before the next day. 
Brady made it home just in time to turn around and head back up the very freeway he had just headed down to get home. He is such a good dad! He made sure he got in his work time in order to be able to help his B's at their clinic, and a good thing, too! I, not Britt, but me, Big Mama, broke Maggie's snap on her rein, after just telling Britt to be careful not to let it happen. Thankfully, Brady and Nathan were able to fix it right up. Whew!
Here they are learning about reining, see them on the left. We've never done reining, so it has been a whole new world for us. Suffice to say we still have a lot to learn! We may be heading down to Texas next summer to learn from the best there is, Uncle Frank and Aunt Cindy Craighead - lucky us, they are our family!
The last part of the day was the Trail. This is something they both love! They have devoted part of every riding session to practicing the course down at the Hartley's Barn, where we ride. More on Maggie and the trail course later...
Done for the day. It was a long afternoon, but it flew by! Happy little clinic participants...

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