Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A River Runs Through Autzen

The forecast at the beginning of the week when Britt and Brady decided to go to the game? Sunny Saturday! The forecast near the end of the week? Rainy Saturday. And yet, Britt still wanted to go. He was excited and happy to go, until Friday, when the rain started coming down more seriously. So we tried to sell the tickets at the last minute, but nobody was interested. And then, all day Saturday, the rain didn't come down like the weather forecasters had predicted it would. In fact, it was almost balmy, with a few misty showers. So, they went! And they had a BIG time! Britt loved every second of the whole experience. Even when they got absolutely DRENCHED! Even when a record amount of rain fell into Autzen! He didn't really want to leave, but Brailey and I picked them up just before halftime, and they were soaked to the bone. Brady said the rain actually made it even more fun - the water was a river running down the stairs. They got to see a fight. People were begging for rides home. The big screen was near impossible to see. Little old ladies were hunkered down. The cheerleaders were shivering. Oh the memories! It is a game they will never forget!

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