Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Brailey's Turn for the Autzen Experience

Last Saturday was Brailey Shaye's turn to go to the Duck game. She and Brady had a wonderful time! They met some really nice UCLA fans, and she even got her picture with the Oregon Basketball team! The ears from her Halloween costume had green rings in them, so she decided to use them for her Duck attire. She loved everything about the game and was the cutest Duck fan there! (Hey, I'm her mother - mothers get to think that if they want to, remember?)
Before the game, ready to cheer on the Ducks!
 At the game with the nice UCLA fans they met. We have the best seats in the house (we feel), because we are right on the aisle next to the visiting team. It makes for a lot of fun and excitement!
The Oregon Mens Basketball Team and Brailey Shaye. She said they were BIG! And TALL! Somehow, she doesn't look that short standing next to them.

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