Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Middle School Update

Well, it's getting better ("it" being middle school)! We survived our first month of school. Yee haw! The little B's and I are on a countdown to summer. Only 8 1/2 months to go! We can DO it! This fall has been one of the worst we've ever experienced. The weather has thrown a crink into everything - basically, we are in winter!

However, Brailey has settled into her middle school routine, and she and I are both doing much better. No more morning tears, which is a blessing. One day, she forgot to give me a hug, and as she was getting her backpack out of the car, I mentioned it to her, and she just shrugged and smiled - that's when I knew things were looking up. Her confidence is making a comeback. And she made the yearbook staff! One day during her second week, she came out of the school looking excited - turns out she had picked up the yearbook staff application and she couldn't wait to fill it out. She did a fabulous job! She had to get two signatures and emailed recommendations from previous teachers, which was a great thing for her to experience pursuing. She chose Sra. Downes from second grade and Sra. Bradley from fifth grade, her most beloved teachers, and when she told them she made the "yearbook crew," they both told her they knew she would. So cool!

She is growing up so fast, it really kills me, but at the same time, I'm so incredibly proud of her! She told me last week, "Mom, I don't mean to do it, but I think I'm putting all my eggs in one bag, again!" I thought that was the cutest thing ever (hey, bag, basket - it's all the same, right?). At least she realizes it is important to branch out, a little, and to make more than one friend. She is one wise girl, our Brailey Shaye-Shaye.

She has been making use of the resource periods before school to practice her volleyball, since she is in PE. This took some initiative and nerve - she is so shy, but she asked her PE teacher if he would help her with her serve, and he said of course! Another great sign of growth.

Britt, of course, is doing great. He loves his teacher, this year, and he really appreciates her mannerisms and kindness. Last year, his teacher traumatized him, and he still isn't over it. Mind you, he didn't get in trouble, but his teacher last year was quite a yeller and frankly, mean. He is beyond thrilled to have a nice teacher, this year! He has even compared her to Sra. Downes, which is the highest compliment a teacher can receive. For Britt, Sra. Downes is the epitome of a great teacher. We are all very happy he is no longer dreading school. And he's already experiencing middle school through his big sister, so he hopefully won't have to go through the hard transition Brailey did. And, he doesn't "put all his eggs in one bag," when it comes to friends. Britt is definitely social.

So life goes on, as they say. Things are looking up! Cut, print, take-the-cake, moving on! (Can you guess what movie that line is from?)

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