Monday, October 7, 2013

Shots of September

We fell in love America Ninja Warrior this summer. Imagine our surprise one day when we came out to our "park" as we call it and discovered an obstacle course made out of my wooden benches and rope and a few other miscellaneous items. Britt made his own Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course. This is him at the top of the last obstacle, complete with a button!
 Our cute little cowboy helping Big Daddy unpack from the week. Notice the shoes... He wore them all summer long! They are LACE MULES and they are mine. I've had them for years. But he loves them because they are easy to get on. Believe it or not, he has even worn these to town, before I noticed. At least he doesn't care what other people think! 
 Brailey made this heart on a cake we baked. It was delicious! She is always making and finding hearts in everything - she's a love!
 Our neighbor's new llama baby! This is Brownie and her new arrival, Double Fudge (Brailey got to name them). They are some of Boomer's best friends. This baby is only a couple of days old in this picture - we were shocked at how big they are when they're born.
 Brailey and Boom-Boom. 
 Riding lesson - one of the last in the sun, perhaps?
 Two Duck fans going to the Duck game in their Duck Commander shirts (from Duck Dynasty). Too cool!
 Before the rain - totally dry! Check out the post from a few days ago, though, and you will see that they didn't end up dry. A River Runs Through Autzen.
 Brailey has been playing volleyball every Sunday and Tuesday. My future beach volleyball girl!
 Britt had his Annual Jog-A-Thon - he was so adorable! He did a really good job. And then, after all this jogging, he went to swim practice and swam his heart out. Amazing!

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