Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving in Sacramento

It was a trip a year in the planning. When Brady and I say we are going to do something, we do it, and that's that. But we almost reneged... Well, not really, but we wanted to. We just couldn't do that to the people we love and truly wanted to see, though. However, after a harrowing week, well, two weeks, really. Actually, the past month... No, even longer. Let's just say this fall, as in autumn. The one that has been a bit of a trial. Anyway, after weeks of trial and tribulation, and a weekend worthy of the Guinness Book of Crazy-Busy prior to the day we left (more about that later), we were doubting ourselves. Yet we packed our bags and headed down the freeway. Even as we were driving, it was touch and go. The stalls took longer to clean in the morning than we anticipated, giving us a later start than we had hoped for. We picked up a nail in our tire and had to spend some time in Les Schwab's, making a long trip even longer. We all felt crabby. But the closer to Sacramento we got, the better we started to feel. The stars aligned for us - in fact, we even saw a falling star so close it felt like we could touch it! Our room got upgraded to a suite because Brady is now a "Diamond Member." And the next two days were filled with enough fun, love, laughter and memories to last us a lifetime. We had a blast! And not just a normal, run-of-the-mill blast. We had a truly special, never-to-be-forgotten wonderful time.
 We were in Sacramento to visit our beloved Gramma Diggy, Aunt Suezy and Grandpa Dick. They all met us at our hotel. Our suite was so nice! We had room for everyone, had everything we needed at our fingertips and plenty of entertainment, including swimming, The Dollar Store, a play put on by the two little B's, a wrestling match, horse races, a flea market and even more! Above, you see Brailey and Gramma Diggy with their Dollar Store antlers.
 Aunt Suezy is the most exciting, fun and entertaining aunt there ever was! Here, you see her pinning Britt down in their wrestling match. She is calling for Brailey to "Count it! Count it, Brailey, count it!" This is after Britt threw her off the bed and she body slammed him several times. 
 The little B's loved the hot tub and pool. They were happy children all week long! They got plenty of swimming in, and loved every second of it.
 Is this Gramma Diggy or Rudolph? 
 Britt with his Dollar Store disguise. 
 Lucky for us, it was perfect timing for us to hit the world famous Galt Market! I had never been to a real flea market, but have heard Diana and Brady talk about them for years. It was SO-MUCH-FUN! We scored some great deals and had a big time, and I loved every second! 
 Trying on glasses... Hello Kitty and Angry Birds. 
 Showing off their great finds! Britt has always wanted a fedora, and Brailey was dying to have these glasses ever since she saw them at the mall. 
 These two kids L-O-V-E their Aunt Suezy! They had a really, really, really good time with her. She filled them chock full of love and laughter!
 We enjoyed our Thanksgiving Dinner at our favorite restaurant, The Golden Corral. It was quite delicious! Thank you, Grandpa Dick, for treating us to the meal.
 Dessert was the best...
It seems we are making it a tradition to have our picture taken in front of The Golden Corral - we have one of these from the last time we were there over a year ago. The little B's have grown so much, we had to have them "scrunch down" for the picture, this time. 
 Back at the hotel...
It was Grandpa Dick's 85th birthday! So the little B's and Aunt Suezy went to the supermarket and got him a cake and candles and cards. He was quite thrilled! We sang to him and had cake and ice cream, even though we were all stuffed after our Golden Corral feast. Amazingly, we all managed to have our cake and eat it, too! And that goes for our entire trip. A special time with special people!

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