Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day That Wasn't So Bad Afterall

I had a bad day yesterday. It started out with Brailey being mad about her hair. She can't quite fix it herself, but she thinks I am too rough (no matter how careful I am, it is never careful enough - she's such a tender-head!). Then we got to school, where Britt accidentally hawked a huge hunk of phlem directly on my shoe. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Later, while cleaning stalls, I was stung by a wasp on the inside of my finger. Grrrrrrrr! I H-A-T-E wasps! After this, I locked myself out of the house (don't worry - I have a spare key. It is just a nightmare to get to it.). Then, I ran out of time to mow the leaves up on the lawn. To top all the "badness" off, I mispriced some items I took into a store. And so I found myself arguing with myself, "This is a bad day. But I don't want it to be a bad day. I have to get on a better frequency!"

In order to get on a positive frequency, I started counting my blessings (at least for the day), and realized things weren't as bad as they seemed. I got a phone call telling me I had won the raffle basket at Brailey's Book Fair. How cool is that? I got up my courage and took a lamp and some canisters into a consignment store in Coburg, and the owner loved them! Even cooler! And when I realized my pricing mistake, she fixed the tags, no problem. Whew! I found someone to feed our horses and clean the stalls while we are gone in a few weeks.What a relief! I've had lots of interest in the new Ali Dee Collection I am selling. Best of all, no matter what, I still have the loveliest children in the world and the best husband ever! And all of these great things in one day!

Ironically, the fall started out rocky for The 4 B's. In fact, there were times I felt sure someone had a voodoo doll on us. I can even think of who said "someones" might be...

  • First, we had that terrible start to middle school - believe me when I say this was extremely stressful. 
  • Shortly after school started, our water tank went out and had to be replaced (this required three separate visits by the pump guy). The pump mishap occurred on the day of a wedding we had been looking forward to attending for months! It was very disappointing to miss it. 
  • Then, The Great Monsoon came, nearly throwing me over the edge of insanity (I'm perched very precariously here, so it was a real threat). We weren't prepared for the weather to hit us like that. It was a nightmare of worry! 
  • One of my friends did that public humiliation thing I wrote about in my last blog post. 
  • A horse we were trying to sell injured himself. It didn't happen at our barn. Oh no. It happened the day before we were going to pick him up at the other barn, which called for an emergency vet call. 
  • Sadly, that vet didn't know what she was doing, and a week later, I had to take him to our vet, who had to retreat the injury correctly and cast the foot, or it wouldn't have healed properly. 
  • Within days of this, our precious pug came down with a collapsed trachea. 
  • Brady ended up with a tooth infection and now has to have said tooth pulled, and eventually will need an implant (to the tune of $5000).

Can you see the theme here? Money flying out the door in tornado fashion! All in a month an a half.

Things are looking up, though! We remained positive through it all, and simply laughed. What else could we do? Cry? Crying never does a lick of good.

  • Thankfully, the horse kept his cast on for the perfect length of time and was a total gentleman in his stall. It is a horrible wound, and it will take even more time to heal, but he isn't lame. God must have had other plans for this horse. 
  • Britt's teacher is so impressed with Britt's listening skills, she has the entire class do what she has named "The Britt." This means looking at the speaker and actively listening. Wow!
  • Brailey made the "Gold" team in volleyball. She also got her overhand serve down. Yay! This is big stuff! She's worked really hard, and it is paying off. (And thank Mother Mary she loves volleyball so I can live my dream through her!)
  • We found a home for one of the horses we had for sale. One less stall to clean and a huge load off our minds, as we didn't have room for him. Not to mention the hay... 
  • Brady's beloved horse Maggie, who has been "in training" with Sam Willis and Russell Cardoza, has turned into a rock star! She has lived up to the potential Brady knew she had. Brady is over the moon about her turning into such a fabulous head horse. He's ready to rope! 
  • And I landed an additional job as a Sales Rep for a line that I have loved since it came out, the Ali Dee Collection!

Like I said, things are looking up! Funnily enough, as I was thinking about all this, I saw these two graphics on Facebook. Yup! That pretty much sums up life, doesn't it? It's a good life, even with all the bumps along the way!

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