Thursday, November 14, 2013

Volleyball Season in Full Swing

Yes, volleyball is positively in full swing, and so far, it has been Brailey's best season ever! For starters, she had to go through tryouts for team placement. She was placed on the second team, out of five, and after playing in a tournament to determine what bracket they should compete in, it was determined they were GOLDEN! Meaning they are one of the gold teams! This is super exciting for Brailey, and well-deserved. She has worked so hard to improve her skills and has not always been treated fairly in the past, so it is high time she was recognized for her try and ability. Yes, I'm prejudiced - the mother writing here, remember? Anyway, she is on the most awesome team ever, all sweet, nice girls! They are super kind and work hard in practice - it is great! This is the first year Brailey has actually having FUN with her teammates! See that smile on her face below? Above, she was trying out for club volleyball, which is still up in the air. What is meant to be will be, but in the meantime, she is doing super well and having a blast and I am living my volleyball dreams through her. Isn't that what parents are supposed to do?! On a side note, she hurt her shoulder, so she's been toughing through the pain, and we are praying it isn't anything serious. It is such a short season, there is no time to waste! Thank goodness she has some cowgirl tough in her. 
At the placement tournament, she ran into one of her old classmates and good friends, Camille. They were so happy to see one another! They talked until it was time for them to go... Their mothers need to set up a "play date " for them. 
 See that happy face? Precious and priceless! 
 Look at that good bumping and passing form! She has even had a few "spikes" this year. She loved that! 
 Yay - they won their first game! So far, they've lost two and won two. They are definitely The Golden Girls! The coaches who ran the tryouts and did the team placements did an excellent job of it. 
 The Irish Hitters (that's the team name they picked for themselves). Brailey is so blessed to be on this team and to have the coaches she does. They are excellent!
Brailey's Fan Club, minus the Queen B (me!). These two B's don't love volleyball as much as I do, but they are still good supporters. What can we say? They are always the most handsome boys in the crowd!

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