Monday, December 2, 2013

Pre-Thanksgiving Activity

Remember I said I would post more about our busy weekend before we left for Sacramento? I always deliver what I promise. To make a (VERY!) long story short, we had some things to take care of. After another busy week and late Friday night practices for both kidos, we left the house at 8:30 Saturday morning for volleyball pictures. Then, we headed to Brailey's games - she had two of them in a row. From here, we were able to come home for just over an hour to watch part of the Duck game (where they were sadly slaughtered). Then, off to the pool for Britt's first REAL swim meet. Thank Jesus, Mary and Joseph for our Kimmy! After Britt's races, she took the two B's home with her while Brady and I fulfilled our volunteer hours (ten of them, including a TON of water being splashed on us, but were actually more enjoyable than we had anticipated), which lasted until 9:30 at night. Thank you, thank you, thank you Kimmy! From here, we picked up the B's, fed our starving horses, and prepared for another day of work on Sunday. After we arrived home from our work in Philomath on Sunday afternoon, we cleaned the car and the house (can't leave a dirty house when you have someone house sitting for you!) and did laundry. The next morning, we cleaned stalls that had been neglected for three days and only then did we have time to pack, and wah-lah! We were finally ready to head out! And now, here we are again, back into our hectic life, just like every one of you reading this. What can we say? Life is meant to be lived, right? And us B's are doing what we can to live our best one!

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