Thursday, December 26, 2013

Traditional Christmas Eve Family Picture

 Every year, we take our family picture just before heading out the door to Christmas Eve Mass. This year, we had a new camera to contend with that I got during the summer, and it was a little trickier to navigate with the tripod and self-timer. Yet, it worked! We dropped off all the labors of our baking (more to come on that in a future post) to neighbors and friends, including a stop at our beloved Lamberts' house, and made our way to St. Paul for a beautiful Children's Gospel Pageant and Mass. I can't believe how much my beloved babies have grown through the years - I took a trip down memory lane through my own December blog entries through the years, and it was almost shocking to realize how much time has passed. Time marches on... Right across my heart.
 I was practicing the timer with these two pictures. Britt looks so cute and handsome, doesn't he? You can see Brailey and I studying the light on the camera to see how it worked. Brailey always looks so darling in every picture.
 My handsome boys. In all the hoopla of figuring out the new camera and getting out the door on time, I forgot to take a picture of Brailey Shaye and Britt together by the tree. A moment gone by we'll never have again, and opportunity missed. Yes, it does hurt my heart. However, I'm very thankful to have the adorable pictures I did manage to get.
My B's, my loves, the biggest blessings in my life. Pure magic, these three... I love them so!

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  1. You and Brailey look so pretty, and the guys look so handsome! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


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