Tuesday, January 14, 2014

First Club Volleyball Tournament

It was so much fun! She learned more in this day's tournament than she has all of the past years combined! And come to find out from a bona fide volleyball expert, 80% is learned by playing and 20% is learned in practice through drills. Interesting, huh? Any way, it was an awesome day! We had to get up really, really early, but it was worth it. Brailey met Isa, pictured below, during the regular season last year. Isa's mom, Bethani, is the friend who invited me to be on her Club Team last winter. And we all remained friends! Frankly, we are kindred spirits, and it was really fun hanging out with them all day! Although when I say "we," I mean Bethani and I, and then the two girls stayed together with their team, and were basically attached to their coach's hip. They LOVE their coach, and so do Bethani and I. She is young and fun and awesome! She is the perfect choice of a mentor for our girls, and we couldn't be happier about it. It was a weird sensation - I was thrilled Brailey felt confident to be on her "own," but sad that she didn't really "need" me, if you know what I mean. Bethani felt the same way. We consoled each other and laughed about it, because for these two sweet girls, it is a good, good thing to gain some real independence.
Twelve and thirteen. These two are so much alike - shy, quiet, hard workers, kind, sweet, funny, mature and downright amazing! It is nice for them to have someone they "know" on their team, although they made great strides on Saturday in the bonding department with the other girls. Brailey discovered one of her teammates is in the same class as her best friend Carrie, as they go to the same school! It has been fun for her to give this girl messages to give to Carrie and to receive them back.
Brailey, Coach Maren and Isa.
Brailey played very well! I was super proud of her... Of course!
Finally bonding as a team. Nothing like a tournament to bring a team together, right?
They changed into their black shirts at the end. They were very tired at this point! And unfortunately, Brailey had a little sugar crash going on. I should have intervened, but I didn't, because I was letting her spread her wings a little. And now she knows - don't eat a bunch of sugar! Next time, we will be eating healthy all day long, I'm just sure of it. I can't wait!

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