Monday, January 13, 2014

Givers and Takers

If there is one thing I have learned in recent years, it is that there are true GIVERS, and there are absolute TAKERS. I have friends in both of these catetgories, truth be told, and I'd be willing to bet you do, too. Lucky for me, most of mine fall under the GIVER heading, and after another birthday (on Friday the 10th!), I am feeling loved and blessed! Here are a few of my favorite birthday goodies...
So this little setup (the book pictured above and the box pictured below) sat on the counter for a week prior to my birthday. The inside of the book says, "My Mom. By Britt Murray. My mom is sweet. My mom is loving. My mom is caring. My mom is awesome. I love my mom. Britt  is a Mama's Boy!" BEST BOOK EVER WRITTEN! Britt is such a sweet, tender boy - I love Big Mama's Boy!
Brailey made the flame on the candle and then wrapped the two items below, which they had me open first thing. Guess what they were? Keep scrolling...
ROLOS! After I opened the two tubes, I opened the box, and it was FULL of my current favorite candy, Rolos! They had me open them first thing in the morning, and it was a great way to start my day.
Okay, so I'll admit it. I was a bit sad on my birthday, this year. I actually get a little sad every year. I was feeling sorry for myself, because Brady was in Denver at the big WESA Show, as he is every year, now. What can we say? I may be tough as nails, but my heart was a tiny bit heavy, even with my darling B's to keep me cheered. After I dropped them off from school, I came home and read my daily thing that I read every day, and that is what it said (see above). I thought that was pretty cool... 
The beautiful presents from my beloveds that Brailey Shaye wrapped for me. She's getting so good! She also made me a ring, which I haven't yet gotten a picture of. It is a picture of a crown and B, for Queen B. I saw her making a ring, but I didn't know it was for me! She's such a precious heart, my girl...!
An Oreo Cake from my friend Renee! And let me tell you, it is DELICIOUS! Isn't it cute?! She didn't think it turned out very well, but the little B's and I did - it has pink frosting in the middle with SPRINKLES, and it tasted like heaven! I loved it! And I think it looks absolutely PERFECT!
This awesome sign is from my parents. A 3D welcome sign with a bull rider - very appropriate and more than perfect for our decor!
An awesome book from my Nicoley! She knows me well... I can't wait to read it!
 All my wonderful cards!
Can you believe all these gift cards from my mom and dad?! I am spoiled, I know... But I love it! And I am really looking forward to doing some shopping!
This from my bestie, Kimmy! Is this so cool?! I absolutely adore it! She knows me well... She also treated me to lunch at our traditional venue, Applebee's, and after a morning that was spent in a mixture of sadness and self pity and rushing-rushing-rushing, my day totally turned around! Even though her dad was in the hospital all week long, she still managed to get the perfect gifts for me. I love my twin!
And more from my Renee! Brailey is so intrigued with how she arranged this - the woman is GOOD! I love all these hair blings, and I can't wait to use them AND to get a new hair cut!
These cute little jewels are boot toppers, made by my bestie, Kimmy! You should order some - they are DARLING! I can't wait to try them out with my new boots from Christmas. I love them!

So you see, these are just a FEW of my favorite things. I am more than a little spoiled! It was a rushed day, from start to finish, but a fabulous day in so many ways, and I love looking back and reflecting on how lucky I am. Who wouldn't?! I also received a wonderful wish from my Aunt Sharon, who has never, not even once, forgotten my birthday, bless her heart. Another precious, "golden" friend from high school, Nikki, left me a wonderful voice mail that warmed my heart. And even though I don't have my birthday listed on Facebook, a lot of sweet chums figured it out and posted birthday wishes for me, which I was thrilled to read. I am blessed with many giving, loving friends and family, it has to be said. And I am filled to capacity with thankfulness!

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