Thursday, January 23, 2014

Keeping Up with the Car-Dashin' B's

Get it? Car Dashin vs. Kardashian? Bwaahahahahahaha! I would love to see the Kardashians keep up with the 4 B's, or frankly, any normal family. Here's what I predict - they wouldn't be able to do it for even a day!

Yes, our lives just keep getting busier and busier, don't they? I prefer to think of it as a FULL life rather than a BUSY life. We are living our life like there is no tomorrow, and guess what? We like it that way!

When my kids were little, I had no idea I would be running around like a lunatic, every second of my day scheduled from dusk 'til dawn or that I would be considering getting my ELEVEN YEAR OLD DAUGHTER a phone. WHAT?! I always said I wouldn't be "one of those moms," the ones who try to do it all. My kids would only be allowed to do one activity, I said, each. And by activity, I meant sport. And I have stuck to that! We don't do three sports at a time. Oh how naive I was. It is laughable, isn't it? To think I thought I could control our schedules? Because guess what? Unless you are a couch potato and want your kids to be couch potatoes as well, it isn't really possible to do "just one activity." Especially when you have two kids.

Remember that girl who was just starting middle school that I was so worried about? The one who was having a horrible start to sixth grade and that I was considering moving into a private school? Well, that girl has blossomed into the most beautiful, full flower in the garden. That girl has made new friends. She applied to be on the Yearbook Staff and made it. She is in her first season of Club Volleyball, her second team of volleyball this year (Kidsports before Christmas). She just tried out for the school play, and not only did she land the part she wanted, she was asked to try out for the lead. (The timing didn't work out, and we decided it would be a lot for her first time, anyway, so she stuck with the original part she landed - happily!) Oh yah - did I mention she rides her horse, too? Brailey-Cakes leads a busy, full life, no doubt about it!

And our Brittster Man, who was so desperate to make the Swim Team last spring, has faithfully been swimming three times a week and participating in swim meets. Swim Team changed our life, and that's a fact. He's also on an OBOB team again this year (Oregon Battle of the Books), which will begin practicing soon. And he rides his horse, too. Pretty packed schedule for a fourth grader.

Then add in our work schedules, and you've got a true car-dashing life, dashing from one school/sport/activity/job to another. That's us!

Because Brady is on the road selling his silver during the week, we are a little different than other families. We don't have the luxury of sharing the load between two parents. We also don't live in town, which adds a little more chaos to the mix. In fact, I can very much relate to single parents. Yet when Brady is in town, he is able to help out, and we all appreciate it so much more than we would if he were able to be here all the time. We are grateful, and that is a good thing! I was so worried about how I was going to make it all work, feeling completely overwhelmed at the beginning of the school year, near the edge of insanity every second of the day.

But guess what? It all worked itself out. WE CAN DO IT! We ARE doing it! Sometimes, I have to rely on my friends to help us. Thank God for friends and bless their hearts! And what at first seemed scary and overwhelming, like doing homework somewhere other than home, seems totally normal, now. Brailey does her homework while Britt swims. Britt does his homework while Brailey plays volleyball. We are getting it all done.

And do you know what else? I wouldn't trade any of it! It it worth every second of planning and rushing, because when it comes right down to it, it is only for a very short period of time. My B's will be grown and gone in the blink of an eye, and then where will I find myself? They are worth it all, and then some.

Of course I've had to give up a couple of things. But they were only things. And I can do them later in life, more than likely. I gave up playing on a club team of volleyball myself. I gave up my book club. I gave up volunteering in the schools. Lately, I've given up exercising, but that has to change. And my days are still packed to the gills with more than I can ever hope to accomplish. My house is never as clean as I want it, much like my horse's stalls. Someday, I'm sure I will have all the time in the world to clean. Frankly, I enjoy having an excuse not to clean, but don't tell anyone. At least that is what I tell myself - the truth is, I could make the time to do more cleaning, but I don't.

Yet at the end of the day, I feel like my priorities are straight and even though I'm not Super Woman or Super Mom I know I am most definitely Super Blessed and Super Lucky. Yes, I am blessed and lucky to be busy with the wonderful people I take care of, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'll dash them around in my car wherever they want to go. And like I said, I'd love for the Kardashians to try to keep up with the Car-Dashing B's.


  1. WOW i had no idea you were on your own all week - that is really, really tough! Your family is so lucky to have you and all of your dedication, attention and sacrifices. Do make sure you have ME time! i have been cutting out that too - in a swap to work more nights so I can have more money... but it makes me soooo exhausted I think i need to revisit. Your blog was a good reminder.
    happy morning! xoxxo nicoley

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  3. I love your perspective! It is such a good reminder that what we, as moms, are doing right now is only for a short time and to enjoy it while we are doing it!


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