Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Perfect "10" Birthday

An entire decade old. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? It seems like just yesterday he was BORN, and ten years have come and gone in the blink of an eye, that fast. But what a blink it has been! Britt is such a fun, sweet boy, and he has made our family complete. I always tell him he saved Brailey from daycare and me from working for the meanest woman in the world. I remember when the ultrasound tech told Brady and I "it" was a boy, my heart nearly stopped beating. I had a PANG that ran through my entire system, and I thought, "A BOY?! What am I going to do with a BOY?!" I knew all about girls (or so I thought), but nothing about boys. I was terrified! And look at me now, the proud mother of a Mama's Boy, with the sweetest, most considerate son I could ever dream of. He's a keeper, our Brittster Man! And he had a fabulous birthday, full of fun! He thanked me for making his birthday so special. Oh yah- he's got the Murray Charm, and he knows how to use it!
He started his day opening the packages from Grandma and Papa. Ironically, right as he was opening them, they called! He was thrilled to get the series of Rick Riordin books he has been dying to read. He has to wait until OBOB is over, though...
When he opened this card from Grandma and Papa, it sang, "HAAAAAAAAAAA-LLELUIAH!" church-choir style. And out fell a hundred dollar bill! He was so excited! Then he read that it was to put towards some new cowboy boots, which he needs. That took some of the smile out of his face, but not for long, because there were several other gifts to open, wrapped in comic paper that Grandma had saved special for him. It was great way to start his birthday!
Britt and one of his dearest friends, Nicholas. He's a February birthday boy, too! And they are also on an OBOB team together, The Return of the Book Breathing Dragons. They had battles on Britt's birthday, and they were on fire!
I came to his class just before school let out to share some birthday donuts, which were a great hit! Brady came up with the idea, and it was a good one. Britt got to pick helpers to help hand them out. This helper is Hunter, one of the new friends he has made. Hunter is a fifth grader.
And then as we were leaving the classroom, his friend Alanah and her Grandma, Cathy, surprised him with a ginormous cookie, decorated special for him! He was so touched by this. These two are great buddies, and we've all become good friends through our time spent at the pool.
We decided to skip Swim Practice, and came home for a brief bit of time to open the rest of his presents. While he was opening them, I looked out the window, and look who else was watching? Sadie and Boomer!
Checking out the Lego sets he got... He was dying to open them up and to start building, but we had to go to volleyball practice. However, I let him play on his Kindle the entire practice, AND, we brought cookies to share with the girls, who surprised him by singing happy birthday to him! He was embarrassed at first, but then happy. They started out by snapping and and walked in a big group to him, singing - it was darling!
Finally, we made it home, and had some cake! We called Brady and put him on speaker-phone so he could sing with us. All said and done, he was sang Happy Birthday five different times. Not bad!
One last picture before bedtime. He was a happy boy! We were able to go out to dinner the night before with Brady, and had a great time at Roaring Rapids pizza playing all the games. Today at Swim Practice, he and Alayna get to do the Birthday Swim, which is when the entire team lines up and splashes them with waster using kick boards while they swim their favorite stroke. I'm so glad he shares his birthday month with Alayna! And I'm really, really happy we were able to make his birthday special. Everyone deserves to feel special on their birthday! And if ever there was a special boy, it is my Brittster Man.

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  1. TEN! into the double digits! a very special birthday indeed!
    we can't wait to see you again and we love you! nicole, jason and andrew


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