Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Star Is Born

She had been waiting all her life to be in a play. She and her brother, Britt, have put on many of their own shows at home. MANY...! But this. This was the real-deal. No more waiting. She landed her part in the school play, and not only did she play the part, she owned it! She was absolutely amazing! She came up with her accent and interpreted her character on her own, before her audition, practicing all Christmas Vacation. After she tried out for Sudie, the old cleaning lady, the directors of the play told everyone else not to bother trying out for that part. She had it! They even wanted her to try out for the lead, but since it was her first play, she decided to stick with something smaller. It was a good decision. So for the past two and a half months, she has been in heaven, practicing nearly every night after school, sometimes for two hours, and then heading to volleyball practice and managing to get her homework done, as well. It was all worth it - she literally stole the show! Above, before the first performance, and below, some family candids on our way to the play.
These are friends she's known since the first grade! Ellie in the pink, played Victims 1 and 2, and Elleot in the brown, was Detective Digger. They were all so darling and wonderful and I'm so proud of them! They are called "SI Kids," now, meaning Spanish Immersion.
Scenes from the play...
The first night was full of fans! Her beloved volleyball coach, Maren, came to watch her, which made Brailey so happy! And you can see Renee smiling and Kristin in the background, who brought their boys and another friend who you will see below. And guess who else was there? CARRIE! Her very best friend in the world came to see her. Brailey felt very loved and special, and it was so nice of everyone who came to take the time to be there. We are blessed with good people in our lives... Truly, we are!
Here you see Nicholas, Quinlin and Jonah, also friends from Buena Vista since the first grade, fellow "SI Kids." They were there to watch their friend Taylor perform, as well, and he was really good, too. Jonah gave Brailey, Elleot and Ellie each a rose after the play - Brailey was so touched by that! They have been such good friends for a very long time. Six years, now! Nicholas, Jonah and Brailey went through their first reconciliation and communion classes together, so you may recognize them from those pictures years ago, depending on how long you have followed the blog.
The Director of the play and Brailey's favorite teacher, Mr. Cash. He devoted a tremendous amount of time to the play - what a gift to the school!
Britt was the best audience member in the building! He was on the edge of his seat the entire time, and has the whole play memorized. He can't wait until he is in middle school and he gets to try out, as well! 
The second performance, she had more special guests! Cousin Jaden and Aunti Kimmy! She was so thrilled to see them! Of course Kimmy said, "You were the BEST ONE!" Auntis are like mothers, right? But she's not barn blind any more than I am! 

And after their play, they had a party, and then they said good bye. They are dressed in their street clothes with stage makeup still on. They were saying, "It is going to feel so weird not to go to play practice after school, now!" I bet it will. They put so much time and effort into the play, and it showed. It was a terrific show! I can't wait to see what next year brings!


  1. Congrats Brailey! Plays are so fun, glad you got to be a part of one!!

  2. Congratulations on Brailey's debut performance. Wish I could have been there.


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