Monday, April 21, 2014

A Happy, Blessed Easter

It may have been a bit "last minute," but hey! We got them done! I managed to get the eggs boiled Good Friday morning, and the little B's had a great time coloring them that evening. As usual, they turned out great! More importantly, they had a really good time working on them.
Once again, the Easter Bunny found us! Britt set the eggs and Easter baskets out by the front door, and while we were gone on Saturday, that tricky bunny came and got them! And on Easter Sunday, we found them returned, full of goodies! We went to the early mass, so we checked out the baskets beforehand, but saved the egg hunt for afterwards. We enjoyed a delicious Easter breakfast after mass, and when we got home, the sun was shining and it was perfect weather for a delightful egg hunt!
Ready for Easter Sunday mass...
The nice church shoes got exchanged for their rubber boots. Egg hunting is serious business!
There was a little rivalry, this year, but all in good fun. They each found plenty of eggs and were laughing and having a great time searching for them. No fighting our pouting or anything but love! That is actually pretty standard for these two, believe it or not. They are best friends!
After enjoying the new Legos from the Easter Bunny, it was time for a little Sunday afternoon ride. Brady made a platform for the roping dummy, and he and Brailey had a big time roping it! Above he is explaining to her how to hold her rope and reins. This is the only the second time she has swung a rope off her horse, and the first time she tried roping the dummy (off her horse). She caught twice! Sadly, I filmed every loop but the two she caught - isn't that the way it goes? Britt even threw a loop off of Alvin, who stood there at perfect attention for him! Brailey and Tex really dig the roping - she was thrilled to be loping around, swinging her rope. She's always been a natural at it, and it was super fun to watch. Britt needs a weensy bit more practice, and he will be right there with his big sister. However, nobody enjoyed it more than Brady!
All in all, it was a wonderful Easter Sunday, full of many blessings and celebration. Mass was special, the sunshine was out, and we were all together. A happy, blessed Easter indeed!

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