Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Oregon Volleyball Club Party Time

It went by so fast! Brailey's first club volleyball season ended with Regionals, and we celebrated by meeting for pizza, games, conversation and certificates at Roaring Rapids Pizza last Wednesday. It was wonderful and a good time for everyone! I made my famous sugar cookies for dessert, which were originally supposed to be decorated to look like volleyballs, but that idea didn't pan out, so I just went for simple, and although I thought they were hideous, the girls actually loved them and were thrilled to see their numbers on them, and everyone munched on cookies all evening long! I wasn't proud of them (truthfully, I was embarrassed, but decided to swallow my pride!), but they were still a hit. (Pun intended!)
Brailey and Kameron on the merry-go-round.
Britt was the only boy there, but he knows how to entertain himself, and the girls all love him, so he was fine and had a great time.
Brailey was recognized for her excellent work ethic by Coach Maren, which is so true. She worked hard all season long, and only missed four practices in five months. She loved Maren so much, and Maren was the absolute perfect role model for the girls to have. All the girls are going to miss her terribly! And so are the parents, for that matter. Maren is a special, one-in-a-million kind of girl, and we were blessed to have her!
After receiving their certificates and kind words from Maren and Rick, the girls gave them their gifts, and then we had one last team picture. We were missing two girls, but you can still see this little team had a lot of heart. And now, on to beach volleyball with Coach Rick! We can't wait - it is going to be a fantastic summer! 
From left to right: Coach Rick, Isa, Brendyl, Coach Maren, Lexi, Kamryn, Nikki and Brailey.

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