Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Rafting Trip

A week ago today, Brady got to be a chaperon for Britt's class as they went on a rafting field trip down the Willamette River. To say they both had a blast could be the understatement of the century - they enjoyed every single second of it! Truly, I can't tell who had more fun - Brady or Britt? I was apprehensive about the trip, and so I signed Brady up to be a chaperon. He grew up on a river, so he knows how to swim in those conditions. I can't swim, period. So I was nervous about Britt going without his dad, and luckily, it all worked out, and it was the best field trip Britt has ever been on! The weather was great, and Britt's dear friend Nicholas was on the same raft, so the two of them had lots and lots of fun. The guides were excellent, and wouldn't you know, Britt's raft won the splashing contest! They drenched another raft, thanks to Big Daddy himself. They even let the kids jump in the river at the end, which Britt loved more than anything. I'm so grateful Britt and Brady were able to experience this together, and now? They want to go on a "real" rafting trip! Who knows? Stranger things have happened. Brady managed to get some great pictures on his phone. It was a fabulous adventure, no doubt about it!

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  1. What an amazing field trip!!! Man, things have changed since I was a kid!???! That is so cool that Brady went too, boys love to have their Dad's along and what a perfect trip to do it on. How funny that you can't swim and he is such a fish!!! I go on a field trip this Thurs with Jason's preschool..... to the POST OFFICE now that is NOT exciting compared to yours! But I too am scared of river rafting... so happy i guess!


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