Tuesday, June 10, 2014

From Yoga-Boy to Swim-Boy

One of the most awesome things about this spring has been the opportunity for Britt to take a yoga class on early-release days after school. He didn't want to to do it, and was not looking forward to it at all, but guess what? After the very first class he was hooked! He loves it! He has a super nice instructor, Chelsea, and she taught the class all kinds of wonderful poses. Above, you see him doing a hand stand. This yoga class has been a great experience for Britt.
Sometimes, my funny boy will ham it up for the camera. He saw me taking pictures last week at swim practice, and so he took the time to strike a couple of poses for me. SO FUNNY! He also waves to me when he is doing his backstroke and blows me lots of kisses. Very entertaining!
Sunday, we found ourselves in Albany for another swim meet. There are lots of them, now! Britt loves the meets, and he did so well! This is only the second time he has swam in a 50 meter pool, and he showed a lot of grit and determination, especially in his 100 Freestyle. Above, you see him with Coach Sarah. Below, he and his friends love to play on their devices. I only let Britt do this for a short time, and then he spends the rest of the time visiting and focusing.
Brady and Brailey on their devices, as well. Okay - I admit it! When I wasn't taking pictures, I was on my phone plenty, too.
One of the swimmers at the meet was the daughter of England's 2012 gold medalist, Mo Farah - he is now sponsored by Nike and lives in Oregon. Brady stopped by to chat with him, of course, and I snapped these pictures from afar. He is a super humble, gracious man, and Brady thoroughly enjoyed talking to him.
And our below, our swimmer, getting ready to swim his last race. He has several meets and his Swim-A-Thon coming up. He has been working so hard to improve his swimming, and it is really showing! He improved every single one of his times, which is great. We are super proud of him!


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