Monday, July 28, 2014

The Most Beautiful, Perfect Wedding Ever - Joe and Bailey Vardanega

Let me just say, I have been to a few weddings, and I know a good one when I see one. Believe it or not, I once aspired to be a wedding coordinator. Thank goodness this never came to pass - can you imagine the poor wedding folks under my direction?! In any case, I do love a good wedding, and we were blessed to attend Joe and Bailey Vardanega's this past Saturday in Grizzly, Oregon. But first, let's take some selfies... 
We had to document the occasion of all four of us being dolled up in our wedding finery. The owner of the hotel took the one above for us. She was not comfortable taking the picture, and so one is all she took. We were lucky to get it, so we'll take the funky light spots. 
We had a bit of trouble finding the place. It was on a ranch in Grizzly, Oregon, but our GPS took us to Madras. So we had to backtrack, and we were nearly late. But thankfully, we made it just in the nick of time, and we weren't the only ones who had trouble finding it. We are so grateful to Randy Amis for giving us verbal directions and standing by on his cell phone to guide us!
The beautiful bride with her first love, her beloved father, the legend himself, Clint Corey.
This wedding was SO BEAUTIFUL! It was the most perfect, gorgeous setting ever, and these pictures don't even begin to do it justice. I felt like it should have been on TV on some reality show. It reminded me of when Miss Kay and Papa Phil got remarried on Duck Dynasty, only MORE BEAUTIFUL! The food was delicious, the guests were all thrilled and the families of the bride and groom could not have been happier for them. Joe and Bailey are one of those special couples you know were meant to be together. Bailey lost her mom to cancer just over a year ago, and you could feel Dianna's love in the air.
Bailey's brother Zane is the boy in the middle - twelve years old, and he's growing up!
Bailey was the epitome of a radiant and beautiful bride. STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS!
Brady got to see some friends he hasn't see for quite a while. Above, Charlie and AnnaMae Johnson, and below, our good friends Jack and Kerri Jo Talburt. Uncle Frank (Craighead) met the Talburts during the horse show at the Brasada Ranch the week before last (see the two previous blog posts for more about this visit). It was so great to sit with them and to catch up!
We even met a volleyball superstar! KC Loper sat right across from us, and once we discovered our common love for volleyball, we became fast friends! She will be playing in Eugene this fall, and we can't wait to go watch her.
Best of all was Brady and Clint getting to see each other. These two are such good friends and they were so happy to see each other! They call each other "Clinton" and "Murphy." Now that Clint lives in Colorado, we don't get to see him very often. We are looking forward to his wedding and induction into the Pendleton Hall of Fame during Roundup in September - we can't wait!
Me and my boy - he wasn't thrilled to be going to a wedding, but he ended up having a great time! He played on this bridge all evening long and, as usual, made fast friends with lots of kids!
Isn't this cool? I can't even begin to tell you how cool and country chic this wedding was. Lights all around... Rustic... Delicious food... And best of all, love from both sides of the family. It was so refreshing to see two families come together so beautifully. Clint's brothers took the entire week off to come down and help get the place set up.
Brady and one of his old rodeo traveling partners, Scott Corey, who is one of Clint's older brothers. He and his wife worked with Joe's family all week long to get the ranch ready for the wedding. There were so many details, and they all came together in spectacular form!
I wish I would have gotten more pictures like the one below. There were lights all around us, the weather was perfect, there weren't any bugs or mosquitoes, the music was amazing - they had a live band and recorded music both (and perfect song choices, by the way), and just an amazing feeling of love and happiness in the air. It was a blessed occasion, and truly them most beautiful, perfect wedding ever!

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  1. Wow! Bobbi Jo! I am so sorry that I didn't get to meet you in person at the wedding. This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for this. We had an exceptional time and feel so blessed by the wonderful love and support of all the friends and family! Cheers ~ Karee Miller (Joe's #1 Sister)


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