Thursday, August 14, 2014

Even Cowboys Get the Blues, But Not for Long!

Yes, it is true. Even cowboys get the blues. Especially ones with a badly broken leg! Brady is always so positive and full of life, it was tough to see him a bit depressed last week. He always looks at the bright side of everything. That is our family motto - find the silver lining, whatever it may be! However, every now and then, things happen that knock you for a loop, and even though you know you are lucky, it is still tough to remain steadfastly "happy, happy, happy."

In any case, aside from being a bit depressed and unable to do any of the things he really wants or needs to do, he's doing just fine. The breaks are healing nicely, and he should be able to get off the crutches in another four to six weeks. Then the real rehab will begin! He's been on crutches for five weeks, now. He's pretty handy on them, too. (Although he did take a crash on them with Britt, but thank goodness he fell INTO THE CAR and on his nose - his leg was fine. The only thing to suffer real injury was his pride...)

If you know Brady at all, then you know he is a mover and a shaker, and he doesn't stay down for long. I don't know many folks who could beat a 10% chance of living, such as he did back when he was on life support for six days and in the hospital for four more days due to the septic shock his body was in from untreated pneumonia. He's tougher than nails, no doubt about it. But he's as sensitive as they come, too. And when you are used to moving and shaking such as he does, it gets old to not be able to do the things you want to do, even though you know you are lucky to be alive.

Nevertheless, he is getting better every single day. And as we all know, the days are flying by! He will be back on his horse in no time at all, and those blues will be nothing more than a distant memory. Getting back into his jeans this week has been a great help - he does not like to wear shorts! The wedding we went to last Saturday and our excursion to Portland for the WWE Monday Night RAW greatly lifted his spirits, as well. As he told his doctor, he feels like a half a million bucks! I predict he'll be back to feeling like a full million before long. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - you just can't keep a good man down!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

WWE Monday Night RAW in Portland OR - The 4 B's Were So THERE!

Perhaps you didn't know this about The 4 B's... We are, in fact, HUGE WWE fans! We never (okay, almost never - extenuating circumstances do interrupt at times) miss Monday Night RAW or Friday Night Smackdown - EVER! We plan everything around these events, within reason, of course. And we thank our lucky stars they have reruns on Saturdays in case we missed them! So it was with great anticipation that we attended Monday's RAW performance at the Moda Center in Portland. We knew this was our big summer adventure, and guess what? It didn't disappoint! We picked the best RAW ever to see! We didn't know back in May when we bought our tickets that it would be Hulk Hogan's birthday and therefore a huge birthday celebration for him, including appearances by WWE living legends and icons. LUCKY, LUCKY US! It was a night we will never forget! We had perfect seats and were thoroughly entertained from start to finish, and what a finish it was...! Above, we found a close parking place and were thrilled to be able to get Brady into the building without too much walking on his crutches.
And then we had to wait in line. For quite a while, too! We thought we were there early, but it turns out we weren't. It was fun to see everyone dressed up in their shirts and WWE character costumes and all the signs. It created a fun, exciting atmosphere right from the start.
And then we were in! And there it is - the ring! We had great seats and could see everything perfectly.
A Hulkamaniac... Lots of people took their picture with this guy. My B's wouldn't let me get one with them in it. I didn't get too many other pictures, because the action was just too jam-packed and enjoyable to watch, and I was also scared of getting kicked out, because you couldn't film, and I didn't want them to think I was filming. But at the end, I clicked away! Below, almost ALL the WWE stars! Amazing!
And then the birthday boy himself - Hulk Hogan!
And then Brock Lesnar tried to ruin it all... Barging in and staring down all the legends... But Jon Cena saved the day! I love the picture of him below smiling as Hulk blows out his "9.99" candles.
And then the balloons! This was so much fun! Thousands of balloons and confetti fell to the floor - super exciting and cool to experience! See Hulk on the screen in the balloons?!
And after all that excitement of the superstars, old and new, the standoff with Lesnar, the balloons and confetti, here came Vince McMahon, Owner of WWE. He and Hulk hugged each other and then Hulk left, and guess what? We have been reliving every moment of the show and talking about it nonstop! It was a once-in-a-lifetime show with all the superstars and the prelude to Summer Slam 2014. We love the drama and the stories and the characters, and we got to see almost all of our favorites, and we are hoping they come back to Portland again, because we are ready to go!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Beach Volleyball Fun in the Sun

On Saturday, Brailey and I made the trip to Portland for beach volleyball while Britt and Brady went to Corvallis for swimming. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and a good one for both kids! I have no pictures of Britt from his meet, but he swam great and made his dad proud. It was a short meet, but the first one I've missed. But lucky for me, I got to watch Brailey play volleyball, and she did great! She and her partner, Lexi, won third place overall in their tournament, which is the best they have ever done, and we are so proud of them!
Above, Brailey and her good buddy, Isa. She was there with her partner, Nikki, and then Brailey and Lexi were teammates again.
The picture above is right after they won - Coach Rick was so proud! Sadyly, they lost the next game, and they could have easily beat that beat them, but they didn't, so what can we say? The other team had a break, but Brailey and Lexi had to play them right after they had just played. The heat and fatigue got the best of them. Still, they did the best they have have done, played great, and hopefully they learned a lot, too. (Three hits! You have to get three hits...!) Hopefully they will have one more chance to shine at the end of summer in the last tournament. Have I mentioned how much I love watching Brailey play volleyball?!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Britt's Amazing and Fun Camping Trip with Grandma and Papa

He wasn't sure about it. After all, his big sister is his security, and there is no place he likes better than H-O-M-E. But there is nothing he dreads worse than attending a bull riding. So the choice was his - go camping for a couple of days and then Brady and I would pick him up on our way to Pendleton for the 4th of July PBR, or go camping for several days and be picked up after the 4th of July. As you can see, he chose wisely - camping it was! And even though he was a bit sad at first, according to Grandma, he managed to have a great time without his sister! Of course, Grandma and Papa made sure of it. All you have to do is look at the wonderful pictures my mom took to see that a good time was had by all three of them (four, if you count Bucky)!
My dad's legs have NEVER seen the sun. Ever. What a trooper to get in the cold water and help Britt make a dam. Not every grandpa would do that!
Britt actually slept by himself in this tent! He and Brady bought it at a yard sale the same weekend he left to go camping. It is a darling little tent, and he loved having it set up. Of course, we set it up at our house, first, to see if it was a good one, which it is. But fitting it back into the bag provided some great entertainment for Mom, Brady and I as we watched Papa try to show Britt the "right" way to roll everything up, "tightly." Best of all was when he came over for another piece that Brady had rolled up, which my Dad didn't know, and said, "This has to be redone." My stomach still hurts from laughing at that little scenario! I don't know how it was put away when they were camping, but I'm sure it was done properly.
Britt was so proud of this! He found it on the ground! He knew I would love it for my yard, which I do. I am still trying to find a perfect spot for it. It isn't often you come across an entire head of horns like this - what a great find! I love the pride in his face in this picture.
Can you believe it?! MURRAY CAMPGROUND?! So funny! And cool!
They worked for hours on this, apparently. What a fort! All three of them had a big time constructing it, and it turned out great! I'm sure other kids have been able to enjoy it, as well.
And then they came home to Burns/Hines, and Britt experienced his first Harney County 4th of July, including a parade and a picnic at the park. He was worried to be on his own, but he found that he actually enjoyed himself and he CAN have fun without his sister, and home was still there when we got back to it. He is so blessed to have the grandparents he does - camping is a lot of work, but oh so fun!

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