Friday, September 5, 2014

Girls Night Out at Autzen

Brailey and I had a great time at our first Duck game together last Saturday for the season opener. It was a night game, so we went to mass, first, and then Brady and Britt dropped us off at the gate. Neither one of us had ever been without Brady, but we made our way to our seats just fine, and the atmosphere was as incredible and fun as ever! The only down side were several high school boys directly in front of us who were terribly obnoxious and passed gas constantly, which we reaped the result of - DISGUSTING! The bright side is that it reinforced to Brailey how "stupid" boys are - ha! Still, we managed to thoroughly enjoy ourselves, and we didn't even get rained on, although a few tiny drops did threaten us. The dark clouds were a gorgeous background to Autzen. There is just nothing quite like a Duck game! I was happy to discover Brailey is like me - we both love watching the fans as much as the game! 

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