Thursday, October 9, 2014

Britt's Dance Class Recital

One of the cool things about Britt's school is they have an Artist-in-Residence come every month or so and usually end the session with a recital for parents to show what they have learned. The first one this year was a new program none of the kids had done before. It was a contemporary dance class, and it is the best one out of all the programs I have seen so far, throughout the years! Every kid seemed to be enjoying themselves. They did a group performance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller," and then they broke up into small groups and choreographed their own dances. It was super fun to watch, and of course I was so proud of my Brittster Man! 
Britt and Nicholas - they are such good friends, and they have been in the same class every single year since first grade. If you ever get the chance to listen to them visit with each other, you will enjoy it immensely! They have their own language, and they are hysterical! They are both such good, kind, sweet boys! I love them.

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  1. The ARTS are amazing in schools! So glad your kids have had them all along - it makes such a difference and can be a real influence in their lives later... hah like me! I have been seeking full time work and just went through the FINAL interview for a non profit arts organization - FINALLY THE ARTS can you believe Bo!? I will know by Friday.... fingers crossed! hugs, nicoley


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