Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall Fun and Catching up with The 4 B's

I swear September just started, and we are almost at the end of October - how did that happen?! Here are some fun, random pictures from our fall, which is quickly turning to winter. YIKES! Above is Britt at his Mini Swim Meet, where he won two of his heats and placed third in another. This was a great boost to his confidence! Below, the Star Father! Stairs are still pretty hard for him to navigate, but he managed to make it up to the balcony and cheered our Brittster Man on.
After all, he was in good company! After this meet, they went to Lone Pine Farm and were given the VIP treatment for their pumpkins and the Haunted Corn Maze  - they had a blast! I still have to download the pictures from their phones, which is why I don't have them in this post. But trust me - they had a really good time! The weather was fabulous and they got there at the perfect time. They are still talking about the Haunted Corn Maze!
The face of a champion!
Last week, I was able to join Britt's class for a field trip to The Hult Center to see the Eugene Symphony Orchestra and Eugene Ballet Company perform Peter and the Wolf - it was fantastic!
And THEN, it was Britt's last Jog-A-Thon... The week before, the weather was gorgeous and perfect. Last week, it turned nasty, and on the day of the Jog-A-Thon, they were calling for lots of wind and rain. Unbelievably, it was perfect! It was a bit on the cool side, but no rain! And just a slight breeze, which was better than wind. I praised the Lord several times for this blessing!
Britt made it 4 1/2 miles - we are so proud of him! His feet and legs were killing him the entire time, but he pushed through the pain. His buddy Nicholas was struggling, too, and Britt gave him advice from swimming, and said, "Come on Nicholas! You can do! Just push through the pain, that's what I do. Keep going!" He was sore for several days after this and ended up with shin splints, but man, what a trooper, huh? He may not be a natural runner, but he still did his best, and for that I am super proud.
And then onto the weekend, where Brailey wrapped up the Webfoot Volleyball Academy she has been doing for the past several weeks. It was an amazing experience, and she learned so much! It got her ready for tryouts, which she is now going through for Kidsports and will be going through for club, as well. She has come a long way and is starting to understand technique and the finer points of the game. She worked really hard, and we are so proud of her!
Above, she is with JK, one of her favorite coaches from the Academy, and below she is being hugged by Cathy, the owner and head of the organization. They were both amazing and so good to Brailey, or "Bray," as she now likes to be called and told them her name was. So far, we have been nothing but impressed with Webfoot Volleyball!
Then it was time for Brady and his little man to attend the Duck game vs. Washington. Needless to say, they had a fabulous time! It was possibly the last nice day of weather. Note their matching shirts. Below, they are showing their "chest muscles."
And that catches us up to last Sunday, where Britt participated in his Swim Team's Blue vs. Yellow Meet. They got groovy new caps with polka dots and pink for October's breast cancer awareness, and he swam well and had a blast. Time flies when you're having fun - boy does it ever!

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