Saturday, December 27, 2014

Back to December, Before Christmas

It was a busy week right before Christmas. Busy with all the last minute details of Christmas and of course a few extra-curricular activities to keep life even more interesting. You may have seen my Instagram posts of these activities on Facebook, but just in case you didn't, here is the "backstory," forever documented in this blog. Britt had a dance recital with another Artist-in-Residence at his school. He was extremely nervous for this one, for some reason. In fact, he even asked us not to come and watch him! He was embarrassed to have to dance in front of everyone, and had hoped for a different part. But he did a great job and made both Brady and I proud. So he survived, and it was a nice bonus that Brady was in town and able to come watch him.
Brady and one of the school's custodians and protectors, Wade, who has become a friend of Brady's. Wade is a tough guy with a heart of gold!
Then we had the season finale with Brailey's Kidsports volleyball team (also known as "Coach David's Dream Team"), a party to wrap things up. Coach David did a really cool thing that I believe every coach should do. He gave each girl the name of a random teammate with a white plate, and they had to come up with an award for that person, which they made out of the plate. Then, at the party, he had them present each award, and it was really special to hear and see all the kindness! And every single girl was given an award. GENIUS IDEA, I'm telling you! It was perfect! Above, standing next to Coach David, is Lindsey, the girl who drew Brailey's name, and she gave a heartfelt account of how she felt about Brailey. Her presentation was so sweet and sincere, it nearly brought a tear to my eye. Brailey had a great time making her award for Sara (see the Super Server award below), and they all had a big time presenting their coach with a gift and card. It was a really fun party and so nice to have a coach who was an eloquent speaker with a heart of gold. He may be a tough police officer, but he is a softie when it comes right down to it, with a passion for volleyball. He brought his sweet family with him, and his wife made delicious, adorable cupcakes for dessert which we all enjoyed. It was a great way to wrap up the season - lasting friendships were made during this short season, teammates and families alike!
After the party, we took the long way home and looked at the fun Christmas lights. This setup is always one of our favorites, and our Light Viewing just isn't complete until we find this one! Aren't those angels darling?!
And that brings us to Christmas, my next post I am working on, and then we are at the start of a new year. I am already writing my annual post to wrap up the year... Stay tuned! 2014 was a wild one for The 4 Bs!

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