Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Back to November, The Day Before Thanksgiving

Now I'm taking you back in time, to the day before Thankgiving. Brailey had the day off - YAY! Britt, however, did not. To give you a bit of background, Britt has the same fifth grade teacher that Brailey had when she was in fifth grade, Sra. Bradley, or as I call her, Carmelita. Brailey loved her so much, and I was thrilled that Britt got her, too. She prepared Brailey extremely well, and she is already getting Britt in shape to join the middle school ranks. At the beginning of the school year, she asked Brailey if she would mind coming in to speak to her students about what middle school is like and why she (Sra. Bradley) has them do the things they do, reinforcing the message that everything has a greater purpose. And so last Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, Brailey and another favorite teacher of hers (and mine!), her middle school Spanish teacher, Sra. Colon, gave a presentation to all the fifth graders. It was darling! Sra. Colon is extremely entertaining and a special person - she is a retired teacher the school district keeps luring back for "one more year." We are very grateful Brailey has her this year. And we are just as grateful Britt has Sra. Bradley, because not only do we love her, it feels really, really good to know he is in such good hands. Below, some fun pictures from the middle school briefing.
From left to right, Brailey Shaye, Sra. Colon in the red and black and Sra. Bradley in the black and grey. Three beauties, inside and out!
We are so super proud of this girl! We LOVE HER SO! (Hey, can't a mom brag on her girl?!)

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