Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Hunt for a Perfect Christmas Tree

After last year's fiasco of trying to find a decent Christmas tree, we knew we had to find a new place to get one, and so we made our merry little way (pun intended) to Monroe and happened upon the most adorable Tree Farm ever! Luckily for us, we were the only ones there, and as we are prone to do when looking for that "perfect" tree we can all agree on, we inspected every single tree on the place.
"Look Mom! We found the perfect one!" My B's have such a fantastic sense of humor, acting the whole scene out for me so I could get it on film. That's a dandy one, isn't it?
Brady always has to check to make sure the stump is straight. If it doesn't have a straight stump, then forget it. I'm sure you can  hear this commentary in your head, "Hold it up so I can see if it has a straight stump, Britt."
LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (Sang in a high falsetto voice.) We found it - the most perfect one on the farm! Brady started the saw for Britt to cut the tree down.
 Britt's arm got a little tired... But he finished it!
And wah-lah! At this point, it is the only thing up in our house - a bare tree. Time got away from us, this year. The people at this farm were so sweet, though. They had fresh, warm gingerbread and hot chocolate with whip cream for us after we were done - it was so delicious! They also had a place to rinse our boots off and the price of the tree was affordable, as well. Even better, they are volleyball fans! We told them we had to get home in order to get Brailey to her games, and it turns out they did Oregon Volleyball Club and Webfoot with their daughter. So, we had a lovely time, and we know just where to go to find another perfect tree for next year!

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