Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Denver Market 2015 with Montana Silversmiths and the 2014 Sales Person of the Year

I finally got to see what all the "fuss" is about when it comes to Denver Market (officially known as Denver Mart or WESA). I was able to attend as a Rep for Ali Dee Collection and work the booth, but I was also able to meet all the wonderful, upstanding, fine and good people from Brady's company, Montana Silversmiths. The timing couldn't have been more perfect, as he won Sales Person of the Year - the B's and I are so proud of him! I took a ton of pictures of the activity to give you a bit of perspective on the good time that Market is. Yes, there are a lot of pictures, but I promise you will enjoy every single one of them! Above, Brady and another Montana Rep, Jake. He was so sweet and drove us back and forth from the Market to the hotel and is a rising star in the industry.
Part of the jewelry to choose from... I promise you, there is something for everyone!
Montana has a permanent booth in the building, and it is super cool, as you can see from the pictures.
Although the shot is a bit blurry, I did manage to catch Travis and Chris fist bumping one another on a great day.
You may recognize Brad from the pictures of Clint Corey's wedding. He and Brady are the best of buddies. A day doesn't go by that they don't talk on the phone to one another. 
 Another room hosted the Rock 47 line of Montana Silversmiths  jewelry. Super, super cool stuff!
My sweet husband, waiting for me to get my pass to get in, looking handsome and dapper!
Miss Rodeo America... Self-explanatory.
Above, Brady with his first boss at Montana, Steve, and below with the Vice President, Judy. Brady brought them down to the Ali Dee Collection booth. It was so sweet of them to come!
Mornings were spent in the motel having a quick breakfast. Jamie above, Travis below.
CJ from Texas above... Another rising star!
And John Rich... No, not really! You can't see it as well in the picture, but Scott really does look like John Rich. He's a cool cat from the east coast!
Brady, Scott and Jake. They were all so good about posing for me!
One of our Canadian Reps, Daryl. He's a sweetheart!

 Daryl, Don and Brady.
Susan and Brady.
Don and Judy.
And back down at the Ali Dee Collection booth again, Brady and Bobby. It was such a fun time! It is exhausting work, for sure, and although I tried to capture everyone, I missed a lot of folks. Montana treated me like a queen, and I am so grateful to them! They are all a class act. More than anything, I am so proud of my husband for winning the coveted title of Sales Person of the Year - it was a storybook ending to a wild year, and the beginning of another wonderful tale!

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