Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sunshine on our Shoulders

Two peas in a pod, right here... Both the horses and the riders. We managed to take some time out from all the "busy"-ness of our crazy, filled-to-the-brim-and-overflowing schedules on Sunday to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and our beloved old horses. These two old guys have been together for almost their entire lives! They are the exact same age, and I think they met when they were three, which seems like yesterday. Horses age so fast... One day they're seven, the perfect age, and then you turn around and they're suddenly "old," seemingly overnight. These two are absolutely PRICELESS - there is no better feeling of security than riding a broke horse.

Even Britt enjoyed some time on Alvin - Brady's leg can only take a little bit of riding. Alvin, who is a hot rod, takes such perfect care of Britt, it is mind-boggling. Below, you see the two B's having a "jowsting" contest. After several runs of this, they switched to an "Indian" contest and proceeded to whoop and holler their best Indian calls. In years past, this would have taken Alvin higher than a kite, but he just plodded around like it was nothing, with Britt carrying on for several minutes at a time in his "calls." Brady and I just shake our heads in wonder and appreciation... We are so grateful for these horses and for times like these. These are the days!

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