Thursday, March 19, 2015

Double Trouble

Last Friday was a special day for me as a mom, because my two "babies," who are growing faster than I can keep up with and have moved beyond "playing" together, took a step back in time and... Played! We are getting ready to paint Britt's room, and so he took out all his toys and things he has outgrown. One of those things was a container full of Trios Building Blocks, and they had a big time! It was so precious to me. It didn't last for hours upon hours, but it might very well be the last time they do something like this.
And then, we let the horses out for a while, and I took these cute pics. Later on, while Brady and Brailey were riding, I caught Jingles (the cat) and Rosin (the pug) snuggled up together. All this double trouble on one day, which, ironically, was Friday the 13th.

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