Monday, March 2, 2015

Portland PBR and Volleyball in Salem

Yah! High five! This picture was taken after Britt and Brady had a freestyle race in the pool. They have been talking about it for months - Brady didn't think Britt could beat him. But Brady was mistaken, and it is all caught on film. Britt soundly whooped his dad's booty! Brady couldn't believe it - he was winded after the second lap, and it was just a tiny motel pool, and Britt was just getting warmed up. It was four lap race. After a short rest, Brady decided to see if he could beat Britt in a breaststroke race, down and back. Once again, Britt won, by a full length of the pool! Although Britt asked him if he would like to do the butterfly, as well, Brady declined. His son's swimming skills have surpassed his own, which is a very good thing. And thus begins our story of the weekend...
Brady had the Portland PBR to judge on Saturday night, and Brailey had a volleyball tournament in Salem the next day. So we decided to spend the night in Salem rather than drive all the way home only to get up early to go back up the freeway. We checked into our motel for a quick dip in the pool on our way to Portland. Unfortunately, it was a very quick swim, and both B's would have loved more time in the water, but we had to get on the road for the PBR. At least we got that big race between Brady and Britt out of the way - it was great for Britt's confidence and Brady was really proud of him. The kid can swim, no doubt about it! He takes after his father, for sure.
The Portland PBR was super fun for us, because it was at the Moda Center, and it brought back memories of the big WWE Monday Night RAW show we saw last summer. It was also a kick to be in the locker rooms and halls of the Portland Trailblazer's house. Above, we ran into Mike Corey, one of the stock contractors.
They both thought the man in the picture above looked a bit like WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan, who does the "Yes!" chant, which is what they are doing in front of the picture. And below, part of the actual floor from previous years of the Trailblazers. Pretty cool!
They make fun of me all the time for my Selfie Stick, but as you can see, they managed to enjoy it themselves. Ha! Caught them in the act, I did!
Brady's judging headphones and Britt's Kindle headphones. Like father, like son, right?
And that takes us to Sunday, where we enjoyed a full day of volleyall.
Brailey tweaked her back in the middle of the games, but she took some ibuprofen, did some stretches and pushed through the day. You would never even know she was hurting, had she not said something. She actually didn't feel well at all, in addition to her back pain, but she played super and had some great sets, tips and serves. She is a trooper, for sure!
We love this venue, because it is a Catholic high school. I finally managed to get some pictures out front by the cross. As you can see, we manage to have fun no matter what we're doing. My shirt says, "That's my girl - Brailey." 
Look at those hands - she is getting really good at setting. She makes us so incredibly proud! And that's a wrap - another fun weekend in the books! 

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