Friday, April 17, 2015

Britt and Daniel and Alter Boy Training

I forgot to mention in my last blog post that Britt had a training session last week to become an Alter Boy. I have always hoped he would want to serve, and thankfully, when he was presented with the choice, he said "yes!" He actually did it in support of his best friend, Daniel. He made the decision to do the training with Daniel, but as the day came closer, he started feeling nervous and unsure. But he told me he couldn't let Daniel down, because he himself had been let down by friends before, and he didn't want to make Daniel feel that way. So really, he went for Daniel. But in the end, after it was all done, he was so very proud of himself and glad he decided to do it. He and Daniel were absolutely riveted to every word Father David said in the training, and they took it all seriously and straight to their hearts. I am so proud of Britt for making this decision! And I am also grateful he felt good about it after the fact. And now, we are looking forward to the first mass they will serve, and even more looking forward to seeing them serve together. They will be paired with a Veteran Alter Boy, to begin with, but I am sure they will be placed together eventually, and that day is one we are all excited for. These boys make us all proud!

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