Wednesday, April 22, 2015

One of Oregon's Best Kept Secrets - McMinnville's Air Museum

Every now and then, in between work and school and sports and everyday life, us B's try to do something fun. Last Saturday was one of those "every now and then" occasions, and we visited the Evergreen Museum Campus, which is a fabulous air museum and water park. We ran out of time and didn't get to enjoy the water park on this visit, but we are going to make sure we hit it sometime soon. The museum was fascinating, fun and educational - we couldn't have enjoyed it more! The pictures speak for themselves, but I will give a tiny bit of narration here and there, of course. It wouldn't be my blog if I didn't!
The massive plane behind the B's is The Spruce Goose, built out of wood and both a boat and a plane from the 1940's. It only made one flight, and how lucky are we that it has found a permanent home in McMinnville, Oregon? The story behind the plane is truly interesting, and the size of the plane is impressive, to say the least.
Britt's favorite part of our adventure was a tour of a B17 Bomber Plane. This was truly incredible to see! He was riveted to every word the Veteran shared with him about the fighter pilots and the plane itself. It is unbelievable what these young men had to endure and go through in the war. We have so much more appreciation for their courage after seeing this plane and hearing about their tasks. Amazing and unbelievable. I loved watching Britt interact with our tour guide - he was a voluntarily captive audience for this veteran.
Brailey had a great time taking tons of pictures. She even took a few "selfies," which isn't the norm for her - she isn't a typical tween/teenager that takes a lot of those. But she did get a few while we were in the museum. So cute! Unfortunately, I forgot my selfie stick. The one time I really, really needed it... Even my fellow B's were blue about it. (See? I told you they secretly love it!)
Nevertheless, my B's did a lot of posing for me and my "old-fashioned camera," as they call it. Apparently I am dating myself by not taking all my pictures with my phone. Oh well - I like using my camera, and I was thrilled to have such posers for a day. Fun!
The tanks were Brailey's favorite part of the experience - she loved seeing them and climbing on them! She and Britt were like little ants, running from one to the next. Brady was talking to his brother Boone in the picture below, who called to let us know he fed the horses and all was well back home. We are so grateful to him for helping us out!
Ironically, one of Britt's teachers, Mr. Billington, taught his class how to properly salute a couple of weeks ago. Britt took it to heart. Brailey's form is not quite as perfect as Britt's. Nevertheless, Brady and I got a kick out of all the saluting. 
This Corvette caught Brady's eye - he used to own a couple of them in his younger days. And below, we caught the shuttle to the movie theater where we watched an incredible film about Lewis and Clark. We are all four history lovers, and Lewis and Clark has always been a favorite topic of interest in our house. Trust me when I say we were riveted to this film. And we are still talking about it! What they did is mind boggling. And the film was truly incredible!
If you ever have the opportunity to visit this facility, we highly recommend it. It is easy to find, there is great parking, and you will have an entire day's worth of entertainment. We can't wait to go back to the water park! We will never forget our little air museum adventure, that's for sure.

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