Thursday, April 23, 2015

When Life Hands You Lemons

When life hands you lemons, MAKE LEMONADE, right? Or the better one I've heard is SQUIRT IT IN THE EYE WITH THE LEMON. As you may have seen in my Instagram Post, our little Paige broke down on us last evening. (Paige is my car, in case you were wondering, named after Paige from WWE, who has black hair and super white skin, much like my car). We bought this car specifically for dependability and safety. Brady wanted to feel assured the kids and I would have trustworthy transportation while he is out of town on business. I would love to tell you this is the first time the car has broken down on us, but guess what? IT ISN'T! In fact, she was in the shop just last week. And it gets even better - not only was MY car in the shop, so was BRADY'S! Both of our cars broke down on the EXACT SAME DAY. Mine started acting up on the drive home from volleyball in Portland - luckily, we were just miles from our house and made it home fine. Brady was all the way in Nampa, Idaho! But he made it home, as well. And so we thought we were all done with car drama for a while. "Not so fast," as Lee Corso would say.

What can we say, except this is life, and it doesn't always run smoothly. In fact, when does life ever run smoothly? I don't think that option exists. But we are all okay and it all worked out. I will admit I had a few moments of panic, wondering what the hell I was going to do...

Britt and I had our normal little Subway date after his swim practice. He was extra tired and not as chatty as usual, because he had an immunization right after school and a rigorous test set in his practice. So we made our way to Paige, got in, and... NOTHING! She wouldn't turn over. We were parked in front of a Starbucks. After we got in, got out, relocked, unlocked, opened doors and closed them several times, I noticed we had an audience. I hope they enjoyed the show.

Thank goodness for cell phones! I was on my phone almost non-stop for the next two hours between talking to Brady, calling the two shops who had worked on our cars last week, texting Brailey's coach, and then receiving calls from one mechanic, Roadside Assistance, Brailey's coach, Brady, Brailey, a parent from volleyball and making more calls. All the while, I only lost my cool one time, when the Roadside Assistance person put the pressure on me to make a decision without offering any advice. And I nearly came to tears only once. Britt, bless his heart, sat there with me in his seat and patted my arm and said, "It's okay, Mom." He is sweet as sugar and nurtures my soul, and he was such a perfect boy during the entire ordeal. Thus, I was able to collect myself and get things handled, tear-free.

One mechanic was still at his shop and tried to help me get her reset and started from the phone, but Paige didn't cooperate. Long story short (mind you, I am leaving out LOTS of details!), we finally decided to have her towed to his garage and then the kids and I would take a taxi home. The tow truck driver was from Texas, grew up near the town Brady's sister lives in, and he was really kind and very good at his job. He, like Britt and I, provided a show for the Starbucks crew, and they applauded him for his skill. He initially refused to take my car to the garage, because it is in a somewhat dangerous part of town, but once he found out the owner was waiting for us and that I was accompanying the car, he was fine with the plan - I appreciate him trying to protect my car, frankly. 

One of the parents from Brailey's volleyball team kindly offered to bring her to the garage for me, which was extremely helpful and a huge relief, as getting to Brailey was my biggest worry. Brailey was a little freaked out, because she didn't know what was going on, and in retrospect, I should have told her coach to be less dramatic in telling her. But Brailey and I texted, and then she was with me and I could breathe again. The worst part of the entire ordeal was not knowing how I was going to get to her. And I really don't like asking for help, and most everyone I know that could help I didn't want to bother, because I knew they were busy. So I am  truly grateful for and to the parent who brought her to me.

Once we arrived at the garage, the owner was welcoming and kind and had friends there with their van he was working on, and they were also helpful, empathetic and good to Britt and I. So there we sat, Britt and I. The weather was perfect and sunny, even though rain had been predicted. Britt read his book and then played on his Kindle and helped me with all our bags. I was just starting to get the tiniest bit nervous, waiting on our taxi and Brailey, when they both arrived at the exact same time. Thank you Jesus for keeping us safe! We lucked out on the Taxi Driver - he was a younger guy, very clean with a nice cab and made good conversation on the drive to our house. Still, I've never seen my B's fly out of a car so fast in their lives! They had the bags unloaded and were standing at the front door before I could even pay the taxi driver. Brailey said, "I've never been so happy to be home in my life!" And boy is she right - there is just no place like home.

So anyway, all is well that ends well, and I am feeling grateful and blessed and prepared for the future - I know better what to do if this ever happens again. Hopefully, this will be the end of our car drama for a while. But you never know - life has a funny sense of humor. I'm going to keep on making lemonade - I dare to think what would happen if I squirted the lemon in life's eye!

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