Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Special Day of Fifth Grade Promotion Celebration - 2015

Last Thursday was a very special day for Britt and his class. For their Fifth Grade Promotion, they combined their field trip and promotion ceremony into one full day at Camp Harlow, and it was fantastic! The weather was perfect, the venue couldn't have been better, and everyone had a wonderful time. I was on the decorating committee, and I had to make a last minute run to the Dollar Store, where I happened upon the fun GRAD glasses below. I couldn't resist! They were perfect for this frame on the Camp Harlow campus. Above and below and in most every picture, Britt and one of his dearest friends, Nick. They are like "Mutt and Jeff," and they are so funny to listen to and have the best sense of humors. They are also sensitive, nice and all kinds of wonderful.
Brady got up at the crack of dawn in the area he was in and hit his stores bright and early so he could make it for part of the day with Britt. Imagine how happy he was to discover the miniature golf course! I think Brady enjoyed this more than the boys. 
 These two are soooooooooooooooooo funny! And super cute!
Brady went to Brailey's school and picked up her and Elleot, one of her besties who also has a fifth grade sibling. They wanted to see their little brother and sister "graduate." They had one of the nicest ceremonies ever, when they were in fifth grade, so they remembered how important it was and were the perfect supportive sisters. They also had a bit of fun with the glasses.
It was such a nice ceremony, with three wonderful mini speeches by both their teachers (Sra. Bradley's brought a tear to my eye!) and Principal Cuadros.
Where's Britt? Can you find him?
With his teachers, Mr. Billington and Sra. Bradley.... He almost passed up Sra. Bradley in height over the course of the year. He has grown so much this year! He thoroughly enjoyed both of his teachers, this year.
Here, they are waiting in line for cake and checking out the wonderful Memory Books, which are like a yearbook, and they turned out really, really well.
Britt and his other best friend, Daniel. I like how Britt's certificate is upside down in this picture. The two Altar Boys!
Brady and Kheahna. She is such a sweetheart! Her parents are dear friends, and she used to be on the swim team. Now she plays volleyball (smart girl!). She and Brady and buddies!
 Britt and Daniel having fun with the glasses, and then with Miguel, as well. The fun never ends!
These two are sooooooooooooo funny! I may have mentioned that? But I really love their sense of humor! Little actors...
And here he is, our SIXTH grade boy! I can't believe it. It seems like only yesterday he was in pre-school, let alone finishing grade school! I am looking forward to middle school, though, and to both kids being at the same school. He is ready to move on, and frankly, so am I. There are only so many years of strict rules a person can handle, right? We are very grateful for his Spanish education, but not exactly thrilled with the direction his grade school is headed in. (Kids need full lunches, a few parties and celebrations, which the past three years was completely void of, and a little bit of fun. Leadership, not the teachers, needs to figure this out. American holidays are important and should be celebrated, and kids need to learn how to give - that's my two cents worth.) But moving on...! Thanks to Brailey's experience, we know his middle school is a good one, and we are looking forward to the change. So, as the "wise ones" say, the best is yet to come!

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